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Durable toys for large cat

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Since the christmas season has come, I am trying to think of things to get the pets. Our newest cat (now 1yr old 16lb Maine Coon mix) loves cat toys but because of his size and rough playstyle, they don't last very long. He has even broken the more expensive ones. He loves hanging toys and fishing rod type things, but within hours he breaks them. It seems as though he is too large and rough for the toys.
I am wondering if there are any better brands (not too expensive since they will probably be broken eventually) or maybe a dog toy that might be good.
Our other cat (8 yr old 8 lb Bombay mix) has no problem with toys, when she can get to them.
We get the cats treats as well for christmas, but we also like to get them a couple of toys. Last year all of his were broken within a couple of weeks.
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If you check under the Market place here youll find some sites that carry just what you need
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My mom's boy, Dylan, weighs 18.6 pounds -- and he doesn't HAVE the excuse of being a Maine Coon! :-)

What we do is replace the instantly-broken elastic cord on the fishing rod toys with a much heavier elastic cord from the fabric store, or even with a length of that flat plastic lanyard we used to braid when we were kids. It's not elastic, but it's darn near indestructible!

The dangling part can be almost anything -- a foot or so of feather boa is popular with our kitties. And you can replace it as often as necessary -- feather boas can be found at craft stores for just four or five dollars apiece, and one boa can carry you through several replacements. You can also get big fluffy tassels or pompoms at the fabric store. (I always choose white -- just in case the dyes they use are toxic.)

Electronic toys never work for us -- the ones we've tried, at least, were made so poorly that they began to come apart right away. But our cats LOVE kitty videos! You'd want to play them on a TV that's heavy enough that the kitties can't knock it over on themselves... and you probably don't want your cats jumping and scratching at your new 42-inch plasma screen... but kitty videos, or most any wildlife video, are very entertaining.

You could also try a small kong -- a rubber or plastic ball with an interior space that holds a few treats until the kitty bats it around to make them spill out. I've even seen one of those with a little recording device inside that lets them hear your voice when they play with it!

Hope something there is helpful... all good wishes...
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I like toys made by the company West Paw. They make toys that my 16 pound boy loves!!
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There's always the toy that's a ball in a round track (If you look through my posts, I've posted pics of the style I have at least twice). I have the one with the cardboard scratching pad in the middle, and the track that's open on the top. The one my parents have has stood up to two cats, and their current cat is very large (although not fat anymore).

I'll also mention that replacing any elastic toy with heavy duty elastic or the lanyard string (I'm going to steal that when this elastic is dead) is a great idea. Bella broke her first dangly toy at about 3 pounds, so I can't imagine how fast a Maine Coon could kill toys.
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As far as dangly toys, the one I have the best luck with is sold at petsmart. Its usually got some sort of jingly think, a yellow cord, and a white wand with red rubber tips. Every other one i have had has been "dead"within weeks.
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