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Heated ped bed?

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I was wondering if anybody knew if they make heated pet beds, like a blanket you may have on your bed that heats up. I think the cats might like this as they often sneeze all morning after coming out of their room at night. We keep the temp at about 67 so I am thinking that might be a little too cool for them even though they have a nice regular blanket to sleep on.
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Here's a link to a heated pet bed: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produc...pc=1&N=0&Nty=1

If you're an Ebayer, you can find them on Ebay, just search for "heated cat bed" - they have a large selection, from $1 & up.

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Ask Mike Anderson about the one he bought for his Galofie....she liked the box it came in better!
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My cats have always loved the heated pad I bought.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
My cats have always loved the heated pad I bought.
As do mine!
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My Cupid absolutely loves heated beds. I have gotten this one: http://www.catsplay.com/lectro.php3 and one like it that sits on the window ledge.

The removable, washable cover doesn't wash very well and I ended up having to replace them in a few months because they got dirty and he won't use anything if it doesn't smell fresh. I think the pad under it might have gotten dirty, I don't know. His smelling is a lot better than mine.
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I don't have a heated pet bed, but I do have a heating pad that I use on myself (on my back). When I am done laying on the thing, I put it at the foot of the bed and my 14 year old boy Snickers curls up on it. He's got arthritis and I think it is helping him.

I'm looking into a wrap-around type heated bed for him, I think it's a wonderful idea! I think the heat helps elderly cats who have issues with joint pain. I keep my house around 68 just about all the time too & worry about nighttime warmness for them. But Snickers seeks out the heating pad & it seems to work well for him!
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Our neighbor's cat, who is very old and arthritic, has one of these: http://www.stehsegelrevue.com/katzen...1311000,,,.htm
It's ceramic, so all you have to do is put a soft towel on top. Maybe there's something like that available where you are?
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I have a regular hot pad, and Rowan has always slept on that (even during the summer, silly boy). I recently bought an electric blanket (from WalMart, about $20), and we all love that. Actually, the cats have been sleeping on it for about 5 hours now.

I bought the twin size, even though I have a full bed. It's actually just the heated part that's a twin size, and I just centered it on my matress, then put the matress pad and sheets on, since the babies dearest have been pulling the blankets off the bed while I sleep. The blanket I bought has like 10 heat settings, and if I turn it on high for about a half hour, I can turn it off and be warm under my down duvet all night long. It warms up the matress and pillows, too. Nothing like slipping out of the cold air into something that cozy and warm.
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Abi has only been here six days and she already loves the fake fur covered heating pad I put on the sofa in her room, but if she have my lap she feinitely prefers that.
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If you have radiators, the radiator bed hammock would be perfect: http://cgi.ebay.ie/Luxury-Cat-Radiat...QQcmdZViewItem
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my guys sleep in the bed with me and i have an electric blanket that i usually leave on low when i am home. so they are usually found curled up on my bed

i don't have any $$$$$ to buy them all that other stuff right now BUT..... wait till I sell my house. I have budgted ALOT to spend just on my furbabies lol they are gonna be sooooooooo spoiled!!!!!
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