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DT for Wendesday! - SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!

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Spring has Sprung!!!!!
But.....there is a winter advisery out for today here - expecting 5 inches on SNOW!!! How is that for irony of nature?:tounge2:
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It's Friday!! My four-day weekend starts at 3:00 PM, today. Working seven days, straight, is a killer but, every three weeks, I get a four-day weekend. Hope we don't have too many crazies, today.
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Katl8e, where do you work? I would LOVE a 4 day weekend right about now!

It's a rainy overcast day here in MD. The kind of day you just want to stay in bed. But alas, I'm not typing this from my bed.

Not much going on here. Typical wednesday. The big thing is that survivor is on tonight. whoo-hoo!

hope everyone has a beautiful day!
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The sun is out! And it is the first day of Spring Break! So while the team works on the house, I am going to let my horse out of the pasture into the back yard and then start some more cleanup on the place. The Horse Expo is this weekend, and some friends and I are going to just take in all the clinics and buy some much-needed tack, grab up all the freebies and just forget ourselves at the Stallion Parade.

But what is it with men? Yesterday the last remaining wall was torn down and the master bedroom framed in, but the sheet rock wasn't all put up. This left the room exposed to the night and Mike decided to sleep in the room last night! LOL He had the electric blanket on and all the cats were on the bed, and there was probably a raccoon or two that came in during the night! But he was determined to try it, and he froze his tuckuss off! MEN!
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It's a beautiful sunshine-y day in the Rocky Mountains! It's just a bit chilly at the moment, but it's promising to shape up into a nice spring day for us. (This, of course, means that by 5:00 I'll probably be fighting my way home through a blizzard...)

It's a work day for me, and I have got a stack of paperwork to get done, on top of some work in the 'shop'. It's our busiest time of the year right now ~ the week before "Easter Jeep Safari" in Moab, Utah. Everyone is trying to get their vehicles ready for the event, which last year drew around 4,000 vehicles... and 15,000 people from across the country. So we're REALLY busy before and after the event, but the guys always go TO the event, and we close up the shop for that week ~ so I get a week off next week!

I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with all my spare time... and still can't make up my mind... maybe skiing a few days, maybe just sitting around and vegging out.... maybe a trip to Denver to go see a show or something (Don't know much of what's going on at any of the theatres at the moment!). I'm really looking forward to the time to do whatever I want, though!
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It IS a beautiful day in Colorado today! I would much rather be out romping in the sunshine than sitting in front of the computer at work under florescent lights, but ya gotta pay the bills.

Nothing much going on today here. Same ol' same ol'.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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First day of spring, and it's all rainy and cold outside.
And they are calling for snow by the end of the week. Yuk!!! But I guess I can't complain because we never had much of a winter anyways. Something about rain though, it makes me want to stay home and curl up on the couch, wrapped in my favourite aphgan, with a hot cup of tea and the kittys by my side. Maybe I'll call in today and say I'm sick or, can't do that I guess...
Happy Spring everybody!!:tounge2:
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The sun is out and the sky is blue! Does anybody have spring fever? I do! Happy Spring Day to Everyone!
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Freezing rain and cold here. Internet was down for most of the morning and I was lost without it. Trying to catch up. It was hubby's b-day yesterday & he was in a miserable mood. It didn't help that his mom spent the night before in the hospital but didn't think to call & tell us until after she was out the next day - chest pains. She is doing a little better now but has to go to a specialist. I have a lunch and learn session at work today called "how to nail a board". This is for internal job postings and how to do well in the competetion for the job. It should be interesting. Hope everyone has a good day.
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Adymarie, You could watch Bob Vila and skip the lunchtime seminar. Isn't it funny how management thinks that it's not work as long as we eat while we do it? Come to think of it, I'm a carpenter's daughter, so I could explain how to hammer a nail into a board. Of course, this is a complicated job, and it might take 20 or 30 seconds. But then you could enjoy your lunch time. Are they treating? I hope so.
Pennsylvania is chilly and rainy, so I'm watching crafts day on QVC. I am trying to keep my credit card in my wallet. Wish me luck. p.s. Blueberry, my blue Siamese, is spending the day trying to breed a female who is not in heat. And you think you're frustrated! At least you're not being smacked with sharp claws by one female and sprayed with water by another!:confused3
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Happy first day of Spring! Today is suppossed to be around 45, but tomorrow and Friday we are in the forecast for snow! I have my last test in psychology and the final tonight. Wish me luck! I hope everyone has a good first day of Spring!
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
Adymarie, You could watch Bob Vila and skip the lunchtime seminar. Isn't it funny how management thinks that it's not work as long as we eat while we do it? Come to think of it, I'm a carpenter's daughter, so I could explain how to hammer a nail into a board. Of course, this is a complicated job, and it might take 20 or 30 seconds. But then you could enjoy your lunch time.
This isn't actually a carpentry lesson it is about helping us find and qualify for better jobs withing the government (I work for the govie). The job postings are called competitions and to get the job you apply for you have to go thru what is called a board process. That means you have to write a written test & if you pass that you have to go for an interview in front of a "board" or panel of examiners. That is why it is called "how to nail a board". It is difficult to get a new job in the govie as you may have 500 people applying for 4 positions. Any extra help counts. By the way this was a volunteer choice to take this session, work is just being kind enough to run it for us. The is a supervisor job coming up that I want to apply for, so I thought that this would help.
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Ady- Good luck on getting the supervisor position! Aren't you nervous? What kind of work do you do?
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I work for the Canadian Federal Gov't. The division I work for deals in providing benefits to people who are out of work for layoff/sickness/maternity reason (Canada pays for 1 yr maternity leave). I work at an incoming call centre. I take calls from the public & from clients about their claims. I am also a technical legislation and procedure advisor for co-workers (whenever they don't know what to do they see me). I also monitor co-workers calls to ensure quality. I have acted as a supervisor here before when one was away for 1 month so no I am not nervous. However there will be a lot of applicant and some may be better suited to the position. It is not that much of a pay increase (starts about $3000 extra a yr) but every little bit helps. I am keeping my eyes open for the job posting.
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Am I the only dummy who didn't know what that meant? I am a disabled teacher, but I did sell pianos for five years in the 90's, when teaching jobs were hard to get. I was teasing; however, I could imagine all of our company's employees being called out at 7 a.m. for things that trivial. They gave us coffee and coffee cake, and said next to nothing of value!
I wish you the very best. $3000 is nothing to sneeze at. And it's a step up. If you don't get the position, the experience is good. This is an area in which I really could have helped. I taught an English class concerning the art of the resume, cover letter, and interview. By the way, this is my 100th. post. Does that mean I'm promoted?
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Yes, I am finally an adult!
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Congrats on the 100th post that is great - it was just a short time ago that I had 100 - now it is 1000 plus - they multiply like bunnies. Thanks for the helpfulness re the resume - but I am ok in that area.
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Congrats Jeannie! I also graduated to an Adult Cat recently, and was pretty excited when that happened, too!

Of course, the really sad, pathetic thing is that it took less than 1 month to get to 100 posts for me...Does that mean I should get a life or just get back to work?!?
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MEOW to all our new adult kitties here! Congratulations!!!!! :tounge2:
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Hey! I made Adult, too! AirPrincess, believe it or, not, I work at Walgreen's. Seven days, straight, one day off, one day on, seven more days and, then, four days off. As soon as my divorce is final, the alimony comes in and my VA pension resumes: I QUIT!! Actually, I'm going back to school. Tired of working on my feet.
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