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Dandruff/Greasy, Stiff Coat-- changing foods etc

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We are bringing Beavis home soon from my FIL's house ( he died last nite). Beavis has been on Science Diet food all his life-- He wont eat table scraps, or even treats of any kind, so i know moving him to a raw diet ( or even canned) isnt going to happen and hes already going to be stressed. I dont like science diet dry food and was planning on switching Beavis over to a better quality kibble. My kitten PB doesnt get kibble at all. He will eat it but he doesnt get it when im home. I know how to switch animals foods so im not worried about that. What i am wondering about is while im switching could i add an oil/coat supplement for Beavis horrid stiff, greasy, full of dandruff coat? What do you recommend? What has worked for you? Buying offline isnt an option as we are footing the bill for everyone in hubbys family to go to Oklahoma to bury dad and funds are going to be tight for the next pay period or so. Id like to get Beavis started on some kind of supplement while he adjusts to our home. Something i can get from walmart, GNC, or a drug store would be good as that is about all thats around here. The local pet supply store doesnt carry anything for coats as far as supplements. Also, with Beavis being a senior cat and eating kibble, if PB (8 mo Kitten) gets ahold of Beavis' kibble will it hurt his nutritional needs? I havent decided yet what im going to switch Beavis too right now. Gonna be a try and see type thing. Im going to try to work Beavis up to a bath that he desperatly needs but he's never had a bath and i dont want to stress him out too bad-- He KNOW something is up as he was all over me this afternoon at FIL's house while we were sorting thru papers. He has NEVER been lovey to anyone but wouldnt leave me alone and wanted to be in my lap constantly while i was there.
Suggestions Anyone on supplements?

with PBT and soon to come home Beavis the cat (pics coming i promise)
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Nutro brand kitty chow makes for a healthy shiny coat. Most pet food stores carry it. It is comparable in price to Science Diet but has much better ingredients. Nutro really is good for the skin and coat.
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You could always add some cod liver oil to the food. My kitties get 1/4 teaspoon of norwegian cod liver oil (from the health food store) mixed with their food every day for skin & coat health.

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Oh darlin, I'm so sorry about your father-in-law. Bless you for taking care of Beavis -- I'm sure he does need your special care right now. I hope having Beavis with you will be a happy remembrance for your family. Take care...
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Yes PB can eat senior it isnt the greatest but it wont hurt him according to the vets I have talked to... I use olive and fish oil in addition to Nutro for skin and coat on my older one
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thats for the suggestions guys. When we get back from Oklahoma next week and get Beavis ill go to the our local stores and check out their fish oils. We dont have access to nutro here-- the best we can get is Diamond here-- and no its not the chicken soup line of Diamond foods. We have Euk, Iams, Science Death, Pro Plan (about an hours drive away) Diamond, and grocery brands. I have some nutro and merrricks canned but Beavis turned up his nose at the 3 various cans i offered him tonite. He has NEVER had canned or table scraps and turns up his nose at anything but his kibble.

Thanks again guys-- i knew yall would come thru for me.

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I'm so sorry about your FIL, Amity. How wonderful of you to bring Beavis into your heart and home. Seeing PB always makes me hungry!
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