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Kitty Sleep disorder?

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Duke is my 2 year old 25 lb kitty. Last night He fell asleep in a very inconvenient spot between my ankles draped over one leg. Well of course my leg fell asleep with him on it and that woke me up. I had to actually pick Duke up and move him. The thing is he didn't really show sighns of life or that I had even disturbed him, it was like moving a big bag of wet cement. I was a little concerned at this and actually turned on the light and examined him. I had to actually shake him for almost a minute to get a reaction. The of course he meows at me in an indignant tone and rolls over
Is this a normal thing? Does my kitty have sleep apnia?
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I have no idea but I think a call or visit to the vet is in order... is the kitty overwt??
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I agree that you will be wise to contact your Vet.
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As Clover got older he would allow me to move him without him waking at all. It was more a trust thing with him. I would be concerned if there was noticable lethargy throughout the day. Sometimes cats do get into really deep sleep (particularly as they get older and have completely adjusted to sleeping at night).
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I would just call the vet & ask. My last cat Smokey would sleep like that, but not till she was like 15. I've never heard of a young cat sleeping that heavily. 25 lbs sounds very over weight. Have you talked to the vet about ways to get him to lose weight? Don't put him on a diet though before talking to your vet.
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Duke is actually on a diet, and excersise program. He is actually quite active througout the day but this struck me as odd. I'll have to make an apointment with the vet.
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