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Horse Rescue

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A friend of mine posted this recently on another board, and I had to share it here.

was at the barn feeding & our friend who is a policeman came rushing to the barn. He wanted to know where my hubby was...there was a report of a horse down, stuck in a creek(he was so afraid it was one of ours). Hubby wasn't there, had gone to drop the trailer off at the shop (12 miles away). I grabbed a bucket of feed, halter & lead...off we went (I got a ride in a squad car! LOL) About a mile down the creek (as the crow flies) sure enough there was a horse in the creek...up to his belly is mud & cold water. No one knows how long he had been there, but it wasn't good. There were logs & big piles of years of stuff that had washed down the creek. The banks on either side were about15-20 feet high. This is NOT a good thing to say the least...and there is about 20 minutes of daylight left. There is not a safe way for a person to even get down the bank, and no way a horse is coming out unless he flies. The poor horse is stressed beyond belief..his tounge is even hanging out. A young boy (18 or so) climbed down the bank & waded out...put the halter on the gelding. This poor kid had never been near a horse.. (you should see the way the halter was on!) but I tell you what...he did what no other man there would do. He was trying to get the horse to follow him back down the creek, but there was so much crap (logs & stuff) the horse wouldn't go. I had a squad car take me back to the farm to wait for Larry. When he showed up about 20 minutes later, we got ropes blankets & a vet on the way. Animal control was there (this is in the city limits)but the fellow is afraid of horses (snork!) which means...no help! I grabbed a spot light thank God, and we decided to take our heelers...they love to sick horses, so...might come in handy. When we got back, the boy was doing his best to make the horse follow him....waist deep water & muck! The poor horse kept bogging down..he was tired & giving up. Larry took off down the creek with a lightand his dog to see if there was a place to get him out. We called the Fire Dept. Rescue truck.....I went back to the barn for some more stuff. Now remember, Larry is in very poor health...heart problems, emphyzema, back problems....if he gets sick, it will kill him. When I get back, Larry is in the creek with the horse & Scratch (his dog) is sitting on the horses back in chest high water. I am feaking out at this point...Fireman think we should call a wrecker with a Big boom on the back. Done. Larry & Scratch get the horse to a shallow spot by the bank. Horse is done for...WON"T try anymore. The vet finally gets there & the tow truck. After they cut trees down along the creek so the wrecker can get to where the horse & Larry is the work begings. The fireman & Larry put the tow strap around the horses chest (according to vets direction.) At this point...the only people really helping are The kid (who left to get dry cloths as there wasn't anything else he could do at this point) 1 fireman who was down in the shallows, Larry & the vet. He didn't want to sedate the horse because in his condition, he said he could die. Well it took about 30 minutes & the tow truck got him out....he didn't even struggle. The horse just layed on the ground & closed his eyes. I thought he was done for. I sat on the ground petting his head & talking to him while they gave him meds & started on his poor legs. Oh my gosh...they look like they have been thru a meat grinder. It is awful. Those logs took the hide right off him...they were swelling. I asked the vet did he think the horse would be ok...said he didn't know for sure. OH...and all this time...we can't get the ahold of the owner!!! The only vet we could get is the one we use...a mobile only...and only horses. He is one of the best in the country IMHO. He doesn't have facilities to board or keep sick animals so he suggested we take him to one of the other vets for further treatment. I sent Larry home to change clothes & back to pick up our trailer which is 12 miles away. The horse finally gets his second wind. Manages to stagger to his feet. His legs are hurting brother...let me tell you. They are real pretty now though....looks like a patchwork quilt ...with all the colored vet wrap! He wants to eat grass...great sign. We walk him over to grass & he starts to eat. Got ahold of the other vet & he says to call when we have him loaded & he will meet us at the clinic. Starting to rain now...cold....cover the horse with my saddle blankets (which all are filthy now & will have to be washed...but oh well....)Decide we better walk the horse out as we don't want to get stuck in the black gumbo. Walk him out with no problem & wait a few minutes & here comes larry with the trailer. He loads like a dream (Thank you God). Take him to the vets & tell him the story. He was the they we tried to reach first but couldn't.
He says he knows this horse...he is about 20 or so, and is crippled (has been since birth) and not broke. Says the owner is in South America...been gone for 2 weeks & won't be home for another 2 weeks. I wonder what dimwit he has caring for his other 11 head of horses? Anyway....I am so proud of Larry, Scratch, and that kid....They were the ones that saved the horse. There were alot of people that helped...but let me tell you...no one else got in the water. Scratch was so tired of swimming, Larry put him on the horses back...You should of seen him. He is a great dog. I have such a good husband. Oh...and this is the same horse that I helped rescue out of the fence a couple of months back! He needs a padded pasture. I hope if something ever happens to one of ours that someone as good as these guys are around. Sorry it was so long, but just had to share.
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Hissy, you know the best stories!
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Wow - that was so intense!
Great ending! Sounds like wonderful horse people rescued this lucky one!
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That's quite the story!! I'm glad there are people in this world like your husband and that kid
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Wow! I'm so glad to see that there are people out there who are so willing to help. I'm glad that the horse was ok.
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Thats an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it with us
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