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Can a cat's personality change?

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Right now Riley is still a kitten, but he is almost full-grown. I am just wondering whether a cat's personality will change with age. He is very affectionate and playful right now, but is that just because he is a baby? I hope he stays like this forever!
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my cats have got nicer and friendlier with age, though they are only 1 and 2!

their basic personalities have stayed the same but they have become a little calmer,
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Let' see- my cats have changed with age and living situation.

Zakk started out at 6 months as a friendly but aggresive cat. He used to get over stimulated and bite you if you pet him too much. Now, he is very independent, but has less of an attitude problem, but it he is not above wacking me in the face w/his paw, or lightly bighting if he's ticked I had the nerve to brush him. He can also be very sweet and affectionate when he wants to be. He is still friendly and extemely bright. He has always been VERY interested in food, but has never been too fat.
Rocky has always been a very dependent cat, at least on me. He's the cat that will follow you around and sit next to you when you watch TV. He used to suckle me at night and was very snuggly. He is still very snuggly and is very needy and demands attention. He tends to be a night kisser, giving licks and kneading at night. That behavior has slowed a bit since we got the kittens, as I think he gives them some of his affectionate attention.
The kittens- Cookie is still your stereotypical frisky, friendly kitty. He isnt as snuggly as Rocky was at the same age, but I consider the fact that he was found outside and was living w/Suzie outside for at least 3 weeks till I caught them at 13 weeks. I have no idea if they ever lived with a human before me.
Suzie was very nervous and shy, and still is. However, she used to hiss and growl when you even looked at her the wrong way. She doesn't do that anymore, she just runs. If she is relaxed she will let you pet her and purrs away, and has even given kisses a couple times. We are making progress, but it slow.
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My mean angry pissed off cat changed when we had her spayed and became the sweetest most loving cat, unless you touch her stomach, she hates that.
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