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Calling Black and White 'Cow Cats'!! - Page 3

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Yes the cow kitttys are all unique. The only cow kitty on this site that really makes me think of mine is RosieMac's Sophie, and her splotch on the nose is just a little different and angled on the other eye! Those splotches sure make a sifference in kittys expression in a way too. It drives me crazy when my friends and family can't tell the difference between Zakk and Rocky... Hello one is a cow kitty the other is a tuxie! Not to mention Rocky having a bad eye.
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I had to resurrect this thread--it reminded me of Petunia and I had to show her off!
Playing with her favorite toy

Being the sweet girl she is

Belly shot!!

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Originally Posted by jeanor
How about this cow?

I just posted this pic in the bi color thread, but I think she really is more of a cow!
ah shes so pretty!!!! i think my kitten is goin to look like her!
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Oh my gosh....
What adorable cow kitties. :
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Originally Posted by nycflip22
Wow that is one rich kitty!!
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OMG these kittens are all so adorable...
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Three of the four feral kittens we took in and tamed where black and white kitties....

Here's two of them (the other is a tabby and white who we dubbed Patch) but this is Boo and Phantom

This is when we first brought them in....Boo, Phantom and Calvin (we name all kitties we take in even the temp ones that we love for a short time). Patch is hiding in the corner.
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These are all to gorgeous!
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Cooper Cow

Cooper Cow-lastinics

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Yay for cow kitties! They are all so incredibly gorgeous!

Robin, I love the second picture of Cooper!
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HEY! Does Kipper Count?

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Kipper Counts.
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I have a 'tuxedo' black and white would that count?
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I think that any 'black and white' cat counts, at least that's my understanding. Cause most cows are black and white...

Plus I love tuxedo's, Sirha can you post it here anyways?
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