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Bullying Kitty

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We have two cats. The older one (a neutered male) had been the undisputed king of the neighbourhood for 3 years. He left a trail of terror across the area we lived in and was always at the vets for injections against infection from a multitude of cuts and bites.
We introduced our second cat as a kitten (a neutered female) to him two years ago and she immediately took to giving him a hard life. Even though she is half his size, she attacks him (usually playfully) all the time and chases him non stop. This did nothing to dampen his enthusiasm for beating up the other cats in the neighbourhood, however.
The truth is he does not know how to handle our younger cat. Usually if he faces an opponent it runs off or it takes a pasting then runs off. Our younger cat gets knocked down by him, but still keeps coming back. It is then our older cat who runs off (probably in confusion) and our younger cat sees this as a chase.

To make matters worse, we have recently moved. Our older cat is having trouble adjusting to the new neighbourhood and wants to be in more. This means he is even more exposed to the torment our younger cat offers.

We have tried playing with her to take her mind off it or tire her out. This does not work and she gets even more excited and continues the game with our older cat. She is often prone to aggression during play. We have tried ignoring it, hoping our older cat will teach her a lesson. He doesn’t. We have even tried to punish our younger cat by locking her in the conservatory for 30 minutes as soon as she does it. This just seems to make her more mad and she takes it out on our older cat.

We have even been joked about giving her up, but this is a very drastic measure which with every day becomes more attractive!

Any suggestions?
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Many people here have suggested Feliway. http://www.catfaeries.com/feliway.html

I've already ordered the spray to try to keep my crazy kitty a little bit less anxious/skittish, but it's used for many behavioural issues. I believe people recommended the plugin for aggression between cats.

I hope you can find a solution to your problem!
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I'm having the same issue...I think the reason that my Lucy has been pooping on the floor every day for the past several days now is that the new kitten, Milo, is CONSTANTLY wanting to play, always chasing her around and provoking her. He's not doing it in a "fighting" kind of way, he's just trying to play, but either way, she seems to be intimidated, and is showing me that she is by pooping on the floor! I'm kind of at a loss about what to do as well.
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How 'bout a second kitten, so they can entertain each other... and the older cat can lounge around and grouse about them young whippersnappers? :-)
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We would love to add a new kitty, but are afraid that this may be too much for the older one to bear should they both start to try and chase him. Plus, if we get another male, there may be some king of the castle style scrapping going on!

It's a gamble that we are considering, but would want the younger cat to settle down first. She's very bossy and not what we expected.

We originally got her to cheer up the older cat (his sister had not long been killed) and since he was such a dominant male we picked the meekest kitten we could find. This tiny ball of fur turned into the bane of his life!
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Bach Flower essences might help both of your kitties. Check out www.spiritessences.com for more information & for some made specifically for kitties. All 4 of my kitties respond well to BFE.

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