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I'm back!

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Hi, folks! It's been awhile. My computer died back in mid January and we finally got back on line today. I have also moved since then. I'm back in Jacksonville, NC, home of Camp LeJuene, USMC. The energy here among all these young Marines is amazing. They are all so gung ho and ready to go defend our country. God bless 'em! I talked to some yesterday that are going to Camp X-ray. They would actually rather be going to Afghanistan, but they are excited to be going somewhere. It kinda puts a face on this whole war. They are all so young! Oops, I'm rambling. All 4 of the furkids seem to like it here. Even my reclusive little Pearl has come out of her shell. They made the trip just fine and weren't even mad at me for cramming them into carriers and making them ride in the car.
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KK - welcome home!
Glad you are all settled in with the fur babes in your new home!
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Hey! glad to see you back! I always enjoy your posts and your stories!

Welcome back
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Hi! I wondered where you were at!! Good to see you are back!!
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