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HOG DOG rodeo?

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i am watching inside edition..on television..they are doing this thing about a hog dog rodeo..one in biloxi (sp) mississippi. has anyone else seen this episode? its DISGUSTING. they allow these pit bulls and other dogs to attack these pigs and actually GIVE trophies. i think im going to puke. they of course happen in many places. but some people went undercover in one at mississippi, the people got suspicious and even searched the people that went! (undercover people) but luckily they didnt find the camera. i dont know if theres a link to the story, it was just a small snip-it on inside edition
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they televised that garbage??
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Yeah it's ILLEGAL!!!
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Originally Posted by eburgess
Yeah it's ILLEGAL!!!
I was thinking it was...
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I found the link and you're right it is HORRIBLE! This is flat out animal cruelty.
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Family entertainment? Who in their right mind would take children to see such an act of cruelty?
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