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the JOYS of apartment life!!

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I hate apartment living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My BF and I have a single bedroom apartment in a nice, small complex in a quiet part of town. Great location, great landlord. Unfortunately, we don't have a washer/dryer hook-up in this apartment. There is a laundry room over in the other building, but since only a few of the apartments don't have hook-ups, it's only got 2 washers and 2 dryers.
Well, I had 2 loads of clothes that really needed done. When I went over, this creepy dude was putting one load of clothes into the dryer. So I put in my two loads, and waited about an hour...long enough for his stuff to be done in the dryer...and came back to put my stuff in the dryer.
This #(*#*$#(*$&%$#%& (same dude) had taken my clothes out of the washer, put MORE of his clothes in the dryer (he has a washer in his apartment), and put two load of stuff in the WASHERS!!! Mind you, my PANTIES were in the washer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I thought, oh well, I'll wait about another 30 minutes and check again.
Next time I checked, the guy had cycled through ANOTHER bunch of clothes, and the dryers were STILL GOING!!! My BF and I checked the $%)( dryers about every 15-20 minutes, because we need clean clothes. Eventually, I left a note asking if he would please be considerate and leave a dryer open (I don't know what apartment the dude lives in).
Well, the last time, my BF went over by himself. The smokehole was in there getting his stuff, and had the GUTS to confront my BF!! They had words, aparently, because this dude just got in his face. This smelly drunk old fat man (did I mention that he reeked of liquor?) started CUSSING my BF!! The girl who lived next to the laundry room opened her door to see what was going on. Typical reaction from someone who knows they've been caught up in being an inconsiderate smokehole.
Needless to say, I am not drying any clothes tonight.... I'm afraid the fat man would do something nasty to them...he seemed like that kind of guy. I am taking them to the laundrymat tomorrow after work.

We can finally afford it, so WE ARE MOVING TO A HOUSE COME SPRING!!
I can't WAIT!!!

Sorry that was co long...had to get it off my chest! lol
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Oh I HATE shared laundry in apartments! That's why we made sure that the last 2 places we lived have washer/dryer IN the apartments. People are so rude. When I lived in my first apartment my mother loved it because she knew I would be home every 2-3 weeks to do laundry! At least she knew she would see me.
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Yes, people ARE rude! I wouldn't use the laundry room for a while either!
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My first apartment didn't have a washer or dryer, I would always take it over to mom's house once a week. Thank god we have our very own washer/dryer in this apartment. I would not be without it!
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Some people.....
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I fel for you.. I was lucky my apt had one washer and dryer per floor so I only shared with three other one bedrooms ...
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That would be why I had apartments WITH a washer and dryer
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I hate living in apartments. We live in a 5plex.. all of the apartments ahve family in them except we rented one out to some young guys.

If you do a load of laundry (if you get the chance, we have designated days, but everyone seems to take our days) then you practically ahve to stay in there and watch it. or else someone will take it out and either put it on the table or in the dryer.. but not turn it on. And someone, I don't know who.. probably my aunt, will do any of my laundry that I leave down there to do.. that I don't mind, but there are 'personal' clothing items that other people shouldn't be going through.

Glad that your moving!
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I don't understand why people think they have the right to touch someone else's clothes, let alone move them and stuff. EW! I'm glad you didn't decide to stay down there with them because he would have probably gotten in your face too!

I've always wanted to live in an apartment for some reason.
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Originally Posted by eburgess
That would be why I had apartments WITH a washer and dryer
Well, some of us weren't that fortunate when we needed to move - especially now after several hurricanes in the area it is very difficult to even find an affordable rent.
My apartment doesn't have hook ups OR a laundry room and today is laundry day. I have 3 loads in the car right now so I can stop at the laundrymat after work. I don't even have time to go home first because the only laundrymat in the area I feel safe at has their last load at 5:30!
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Yah, I'm so tired of apartment living too, but we cannot afford a home right now!

Our laundry room has a rule that you can't touch other people's clothing... so if someone's clothes are in the washer or dryer, you just have to wait...
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Luckily on my floor everyone is great about sharing the washer and dryer, however, I still prefer to go to the laundromat, since the units at the Apt. don't work well. I'm ready for a house myself, and the first thing I'm getting is a washer and dryer!
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EEEWWWWW! That grosses me out to think of the smelly old drunk handling your undies! OMG, I would wash them at least twice after that. Or probably use it as an excuse to go to La Senza and have a wee spending spree buying new ones!
Our building has one washer and one dryer for an 11 plex. Oddly enough, it's hardly ever busy when I want it. I have had people take my clothes out of the washer though, and I hated it! It's just really annoying, and I always put the timer on so I know when the washing is done, rather that just leave it there inconsiderately.
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I actually love apartment living -- I've lived in apartments for most of the last 20 years. I live in the "city" part of a metro area, in a shabby but nice building, in a top-story two-bedroom unit with a nice view.

Usually, I do my laundry at my best friend's house -- she lives out in the country and is currently battling lymphoma, so I do her grocery shopping, her laundry, and clean her house for her on Saturdays and so I get to use her machines in return.

The laundry machines in my apartment building are old and nasty, so when I need to do laundry "in between" trips to Karen's, I take my clothes to a neighborhood laundromat. It's really a nice one, run by an old WWII vet who reminds me of my dad. It's always clean and the machines are in great shape.

I am a working class person and can't afford an apartment with laundry in the unit, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that personally owned laundry machines are pretty wasteful. So I'm not poor ... I'm ecologically responsible.
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Kind of a hijack here, but for those of you who have washing machines, consider a heavy duty braided hose. The company I work for does water damage restoration. Believe me, if that hose ruptures it has a party in your house! I mean water EVERYWHERE!

I guess thats one good thing about having to go to the laundrymat!
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Thanks for the sympathy, y'all. lol I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering with no washer and dryer!!
I am drying the clothes right now, and have a single load of shirts (which we don't dry) in the wash...hopefully no problems tonight!! lol
I am SOO glad we can afford to move now. When we first moved in here, we couldn't afford a 2 bedroom, but the cash flow has improved substantially in the past 2 years!
We are going location hunting soon, and hope to be moved to a HOUSE or at least a better apartment by March. Yippy!!!
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I'd say best thing about moving to your own house, which I did 4 months ago, is the washer dryer and the dishwasher!!
Any way, if I could add my two cents, I would say the guy does have the right, if you've left your laundry a REALLY long time after the cycle is over to take it out of the machine, but he has no right to hijack the dryers! I used to go the laundry mat b/c I could do all my loads at once, have some quiet time to read, watch TV or clip coupons, and not worry about this kind of situation. It was also cheaper to do it there, as our dryer was cruddy.
I would have to say that as far as being ecologically sound, my washing machine is pretty good. It's energy efficient, and uses very little water. It's a kenmore front loader. I hate to say how much it cost me, but I wanted to have a good one to start with. If you have the choice at the laundry mat, use a front loader instead of a top, and use one big one instead of two small ones if you can
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I always use the front loaders at the laundromat -- the one I go to is an all-Maytag facility. When I go to my friend's house, she has a top loader, but it's super capacity (she has a dog kennel and washes LOTS of towels and blankets. LOL)

My remark about the ecology didn't have to do with the individual machine's energy efficiency, but with the fact that since many washers and dryers aren't used daily, it would be more planet-friendly for two or three families to share a machine. However, Americans soundly reject that arrangement -- except those of us who live in apartments and are forced to accept it. LOL
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we have 12 washers and 12 dryers between 100 apartments.

Its busy down there and sometimes you have to wait a while but generally people are quite good EXCEPT these two women who obviously do a laundry business because you cannot possible generate that many loads of wash in a week - they do about 10 loads each per day!

And then of course the people who take it to somewhere else and wash it and dry it here and ruin the timing cycle.
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people can be so inconsiderate and rude.
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Yeah, don't get me started on the laundry situation in my neighborhood LOL. Well, now it's not so bad...but two years ago I lived in an...OK (at best) neighborhood...with my clothes couples with a boyfriend who had absolutely zero dry cleaning and wore thick sweatshirts (in winter of course) when he got home at night, I had tons of it to do. I had to walk nearly a full block to the laundromat (from a third-floor walk-up) with approximately 25 lbs of laundry. Not pretty!! Then I would get there and NOTHING worked. Some dryers were better than others...but if a washer or two was broken, fuhgeddaboutit!!!

Then we moved last year to a building with "laundry facilities." Hooray! Thought our problems of nuisances were over. NOT! They had four washer and four dryers for nearly 45 apartments. Let's say there was an average 1.5 persons per household. About a month after we moved in, two of the washers broke and two of the dryers just stopped drying. I mean, they worked, but just blew like cold air on already wet clothes. Nice. We registered a complaint with the management office, as we found out in later months, my BF and I were one of the highest paying tenants in the building (and our rent, believe me, was NOT expensive)...due to rent control laws, the new management (in place about 4 years) could not legally jack their rent to current market values. So they just didn't care about our complaints. Honestly, we were friendly with the management office, and they were like, "Stop complaining about it."

But it wasn't even like I could go somewhere to do it. Noooooo...the laundromat across the street (similar situation to apartment #1 situation) had the same broken washer from the time I started to go there, and two broken dryers (never fixed) and dryers that were iffy at best. Some blew such hot air that I could only dry towels in it, stuff I didn't care if it shrunk. Talk about management who didn't give an S---!

Now? I live in a wonderful apartment with a wonderful landlady in a fabulous neighborhood. The first thing I asked about were laundry facilities. The realtor told us that there were none on premises but there was a great laundromat around the corner. I'm like, "here we go again." was clean, stuff worked (thereby, eliminating stress on laundry day), a bit pricey but worth it for all the troubles I had w/ laundry from the get-go! jerks hijacking dryers (I hate that...could go on and on for hours on that one!), and it's closer to my house than any of the o thers. So it was worth the wait.

Plus, get this...for the people who believe in "ecological friendliness" (and I am pro-environment, yet I never considered it for that LOL), my BF suggested doing laundry at his parent's house this weekend (cause it was a short enough load to warrant doing it, but not worth the $$ it would cost us), and I was like "Are you crazy! It will take us four hours to do three short loads of laundry! We'll wait another day or two!!!" It was funny, how things work (although, I totally would not mind having my own, but c'est la vie!).

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The 1st year I was studying in Boston, I lived in a complex for medical students - new docs, etc and you would think that would be OK but no, there was always someone using the washing machines. Fortunately, I had an aunt (gram's sister) who lived in Concord so I would take the T and go to her house on the w/e to do my laundry. God bless her, she is still living at 99 in Plymouth, Mass!! Later, some friends and I moved into an apt and my parents bought me a washer and dryer!!
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Agggg poor you - that is not a good situation to be in! I mean, he could just use 1 dryer and leave another one free for other people but oh no, that's too simple!

I am glad that I have my own washing machine here. I don't have a dryer though but I use an airer and leave it in the living room by the radiator this time of year. I like it in the summer because I can hang the washing out to dry on it's own
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Well, I have an update on the situation. LOL
My BF went to get the clothes out of the dryer when we were finally able to dry them, and had trouble with the dude AGAIN!! My BF went over to get the clothes and they weren't quite done, so he waited a little while. Well, the fat man walked in just as one of the dryers stopped, and he OPENED IT UP!!! Even though he saw my BF sitting there waiting for it!!! Then he crowed my BF while he was trying to get clothes. AND accused my BF of not even living here, and just using the washers, and talked trash about our very nice landlord!! They guy has seen us go in and out of here a bunch of times.
I would LOVE to have that "Pulp Fiction" moment with this dude, you know the one where Butch is in the car and Marcallus walks out in front of him? Yeah, that one. Although he's so freakin' big, he would probably damage my truck more than I would damage him. LOL

Anyway. We are now trying to figure out what part of the area we want to move to, and agaonizing over the difficulty of finding a pet-friendly place.
Buying isn't really an option, unfortunately. We aren't married and don't really want to be (we both have divorced parents)...there's no way we could get a loan with just one of us on it, and if we were both on the loan we wouldn't be able to get a decent interest rate.
So even though we are pulling in a decent amount of money together, we couldn't afford a home loan. Sick, sad world, huh?
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Bless your heart, I can empathize.

My old apt had two washers & dryers for 20 apts. One time I went down to get my clothes out of the washer 30 minutes after I put them in there and someone had already thrown my clothes all over the dusty dirty table. People there were way rude, too, leaving clothes in the machines overnight even. There were times when I had no choice but to take them out but I'd always put them in their basket or in the dryer, not just strewn about the room.

As chance would have it, every time I went to the closest laundromat a van would pull up or already be there that had a huge family of Mexicans in it. There were always at least two or three men, two or three women, and several children running around the mat, and the men would stare at me and make comments in Spanish (which I don't speak so it spooked me). I have nothing against Mexican people but they just freaked me out... and they were always there!
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