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How did your kitty find you?

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Any interesting stories on how your kitty found you?
Mitzi, I got from my boyfriend's mom. She got her from the MSPCA many years ago and she didn't want to take care of her anymore so me and him took her on as our own.

Xavier, I got as a kitten from PFC(people for cats, a local organization that helps find homes for stray cats. At work I had been working with a feral kitten and fell in love with him and wanted to take him home. Unfortunatly to make a long story short I wasn't able to adopt him so I was very upset. A co-worker of mine knew how upset I was and called me into the room where Xavier was(His ex-foster mom had brought him in for vaccines) and handed me this little black ball of fuzz. I fell in love with him instantly as soon as he wrapped his little paws around me.

Fallon, I adopted from my work. She had lived there most of her life because she was deemed unadoptable because of a condition she had where she had no control of her bowls and would leak everywhere. The doctor didn't have the heart to put her to sleep so he let her live there and when I started working there I felt awful for her since she was such a great cat dispite her disability. A co-worker was talking about how she thought if someone bought a big cage and kept her in there while they weren't home to watch her and let her out while they were there, it would be a good home for her. This giving me an idea I went out and bought a huge cage and took her home. The first few months were rough and I cleaned up many many messes but now a year and a half later she's leak free! The doctor isn't sure why this happened but she's very happy now and never has anymore accidents.

Sampson I also adopted from the clinic. He was dropped off for adoption by his owner because he kept spraying around the house. He is such a clown and a baby that when I went home for the weekend that's all I thought about was him and whether or not to bring home another kitty. I wound up going into work and announcing him as my own and took him home the next day. He hasn't sprayed at all and when I was talking to his old owner she said she was still finding marks on the wall and thought that after all he wasn't responsible. :tounge2:
I'm sure you have some good stories....
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About 10 1/2 years ago, some people my son knew had a female cat who had just had a litter of kittens. In this litter there was a cute little white kitten with a striped tail, a kitten who looked exactly like a Seal Point Siamese, and two gray kittens. We were told that in each of her litters, the mother cat always had at least one kitten who looked like a Siamese. I have always liked this type of cat.

My son went to play at this house after school every day, and he started getting really attached to the little white kitten. My son also had the opportunity to watch the mother cat training and socializing the kittens, and he used to tell me quite a bit about this.

We found out that the people who owned the mother cat always took all of her litters out to a certain farm to live after they were weaned. One day my son came home and said the kittens were being taken out to the farm the next day. He wanted the white kitten as a pet, and I decided we could add one more cat to our home, and the very next day, we brought the kitten into our home and into our lives.

And that is how Snowball found us.
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I need to clarify something. These people did place a lot of kittens in good suitable homes. But whenever they had kittens that they couldn't find homes for, some relatives living on a nearby farm would take them in. Snowball turned out to be the only kitten from his litter who was adopted.
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Last summer, we noticed this pretty black stray coming around our house more often. We assumed she was someone's outdoor cat, but we came to find out she was homeless, and beside that, had a litter of kittens in our window well! I was actually very attatched to another one of Bast's kitties, but when hubby and I got back from our honeymoon, we found all the kitties must have been older than we thought, cuz they were gone!

We started the long process of getting all 5 of them to come near us, and then we tried to trap them. John rigged up a classic looney tune box, string, and food dish rig, and snagged 2 of them. Kong was quick and got away, and the scared scratching little furball we were left with was Orion. Weindended to play with them, get them all humanized, and give them away, but after we got to know Orion, we couldn't give him up.

He's my very first pet ever, other than fluffy the goldfish (RIP). =)

Warm Fuzzies,
Spring and Orion
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We were coming in from working Thanksgiving weekend and heard this kitten crying from a tree across the street. My sweetie backed the truck up as close to the tree and offered him some turkey. He crawled down and I took him in for the night. He was SO tiny and cute.The next day I walked all over the neighborhood and no one claimed him. A few hours later, he began howling to go out. I figured he was tired of visiting and wanted his Mom. He was way too young to be away from her. A short time later, I heard a cat hanging from my screen door. Fred had returned. I let him in, but still heard a noise, this time at the back door. Fred had come back and brought his twin brother! We had both of them for 7 years, when brother decided he wanted to live with the neighbors. I still have Fred, 13 years later. He's a little senile, and is almost white instead of yellow tabby, but he is doing very well for an old fellow!
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Dunkin was given to us by the shelter after her owner had tried to end her life by drowning her in a lake. That same day, we brought home Ripley, who was also abused.

Bailey and Barty were rescued from a gal I met over the Internet. We went to see her over a weekend and fell in love with these two kitties and brought them home. She had 5 kittens someone dumped on her.

Kabota and Shredder were rescued out of a very sick feral colony and bottle fed. They have grown up sleek and nice.

Kahuna was part of a litter dumped in a dumpster behind WalMart that I got a call on.

Karma just wandered in one afternoon, left behind by renters who bailed in the middle of the night. Have tried to find a good home for her twice, but since she was originally feral she has behaviour problems people don't want to deal with. She is ours for life.

Stryker and Cleo are the last survivors of the first feral litter I found when we moved to this new house. Their mom Funny Face finally brought her kittens to me after she realized that she could trust me.

Since I do rescue, these numbers keep changing, but these are the 10 I have that I will keep for as long as God allows me to have them.
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I have Noah because while I was bording with a friend of mine, her cat had a litter of three kittens. Noah was the "leader" of the bunch, and learned the fastest. I got so attached to him that I had to have him in my life!!! So I kept him. Cleopatra became part of our family when a friend's boyfriend had a litter on his hands. I immediately begged my boyfriend for another addition to the fam, and he said okay. So I took Cleopatra home that day. Ahhh, memories....I want more!!!!!!!
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What a GREAT thread!!!
Baby was given to us by some friends after our little Snowball died - 17 yers ago!
Lumpy came from a client's home when she went into a Nursing Home and her son set the house on fire and killed himself.

Bootsie came from a tag sale of all things - hubby took her in his pocket, as she looked so pathetic!

Little Red was a road rescue - eating left over bugs on the road late in the Fall.

Noodles was a foster kitty at 2 weeks of age from the Vt Shelter near-by - bottle fed her and fell in love - now 18 pounds of Bully!

Ripley and Smudgie are from feral mom Goldie's first litter she brought me.

Goldie - finally(!!!) trapped feral momma ready to give birth any day now!

Guess that makes 8!
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Thanks for starting it! I love reading these stories, too. Especially since they almost all have happy endings

Our life with kittens started innocently enough. We were talking on a Sunday night about how nice it would be to have a pet in our lives, but since we didn't have the money for a pet deposit we would have to wait. *SIGH* Well, the kitty angels had other plans for us. The very next night as I was getting ready for bed I heard a very distressed kitten crying. At first I though it may be outside our window since we lived on the first floor and had heard cats outside before. I made (future at that time) hubby go outside and look. He didn't see anything, and couldn't even hear the kitten outside! She was still screaming, though. We finally figured out that she was behind the bedroom wall (in between our apartment and the next one over)!! Hubby tapped on the wall, and she stopped crying and scratched at the wall. We punched a hole in the wall, which probably scared the heck out of this little kitten, but we knew she would die in there if we didn't get her out. We left a little light on for her to find her way in. We talked about taking the kitten to a no-kill shelter or seeing if one of our friends could take her. But I also told him that if it was a black and white kitten I may not be able to give it up. Well, after hours of waiting and getting very little sleep, I heard little scratches at our hole. I opened my eyes to see the most precious little black and white kitten tenatively poking her head through the hole. She saw me and freaked out. She went back into the wall. I finally lured her out with a plate of tuna, which was the closest thing we had to kitten food. She was so tiny and so scared! We figured she was somewhere between 5-6 weeks old. I just fell in love with our little Ophelia as soon as I saw her. Pet deposit be darned - we had a kitten. We heard mama cat calling her, and Ophelia called back, but we couldn't let Ophelia outside without knowing where mama was. And mama sounded like she was in the ceiling!! We never did see mama cat, and after a couple days it sounded like she was more coming by to check if Ophelia was OK than searching for her. It took Ophelia a long time to accept us, but now she is Daddy's spoiled rotten little girl!

Trent was a completely different acquisition. We didn't choose him, he chose us! We had Ophelia long enough to go out and spend over $100 on kitten stuff when hubby called me at work and told me he lost her! He said he had looked everywhere and couldn't find her. He thought maybe she had gotten out of the hole somehow (it was stuffed with a sweatshirt) and found mama. We were SO sad. We had become so attached to her. So we went shopping to ease our minds. We were at the mall and decided to go look in the pet store, and maybe find out how much kittens cost. We see this little black fuzzball who is all kinds of playful. Hubby asks to see him. They give us the kitten and although he tried to climb up and off my shoulder, lays down in hubby's arms and purrs his little head off. So we walk around the mall to "think" about it. After all we do have all this kitten stuff... We go back and the little black one looks up at us like "Hi! It's you! I knew you'd come back." When we asked to see another kitten, the black one starts playing just as hard as he could and kept looking at us while he was doing this like "Hey! I'm cute! Look at me!" (Little s***head!) With the whole show he put on, we couldn't leave him there! And as soon as we brought him into the bedroom, he meows. Out pops little Ophelia who hadn't left at all - just found a really good hiding spot to sleep. They met and became fast friends. Trent ended up being Mommy's boy, and a great big snuggle monster.

Sorry this is so long, I just can't help myself when I get going about my babies! Proud mommy, I guess!
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I, too, love to read the stories. Such joy our kitties bring to our lives.

My tale began with a trip to get a TV table. The first store I went to was out of stock so I thought I'd just drive over to Target. Well, the street crew had made a few detours and as I maneuvered through traffic, I saw a PetSmart store. To this day, I don't know why I stopped as I had no pets. PetSmart had a small portion of their store reserved for Alley Cat Rescue, a non-profit who specializes in adoption of ferals and cats who the pound would put down. I must have talked to the ladies there about an hour and the whole time, this little black cat with the biggest, brightest golden yellow eyes kept watching me. Everytime I'd look up, those eyes were on me, even though she was partially hiding behind a water dish. Finally, the lady said, I think you've been adopted. She was right! I walked out with Dani and she's been watching me ever since.

PS I finally bought the TV table which Dani lays on while I work on my computer.
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I need to change my screen name to Elle & Tux & Tuffy & Gizmo, at the rate that these guys are adopting me!

Tux, my "first-born", was a feral stray that started coming around my boyfriend's parents' home with Bailey, their cat. After hearing so much about the cute little guy through e-mails and phone calls, I finally decided to take him back with me when we went to visit them for Labor Day weekend. He was a little bitty thing - no more than four pounds - but he was a brave guy. When he went to the vet for his shots, the ladies commented on what a well-behaved cat he was. Boy, were they surprised to find out that he was a feral fresh off the street! He's grown into quite the sleek monster now - all 12 pounds or so of fur and muscle. He's still fairly young and rather playful, but in comparison to the kidlets, it's obvious that he's growing up now.

Gizmo, the middle child, was a small miracle. A local rescue group called C.A.R.E. (Cats Are Reason Enough) had a site where cats that were waiting to be sponsored or adopted were shown off. This grey tabby kitten with the quirky ears caught my eye, and I shot off an e-mail to them asking how I could sponsor her. After all, Tux was an only cat and I had no idea how he would handle an addition to the family.

A week or so later, I was at PetsMart buying litter and food for Tux when I decided to wander over to the adoption center. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that Gizmo was one of the kittens being shown that day, and I immediately asked if I could hold her. She climbed up willingly into my arms, looked at me with her bright green eyes, and started purring up a storm! Right then and there, I decided sponsoring her wouldn't be enough, and she came home with me. Now she's Daddy's little darling, and boy is she spoiled by him!

A month later, Tuffy came into my life. He was a very terrified little orange and white ball of fur that had been living in a barn. The lady of the house was trying to care for the fourteen or so cats she was housing in her barn, but her husband had other plans for them. Fortunately, C.A.R.E. stepped in and took the cats - one of whom was Tuffy. He's named after a friend's dearly departed puss, Tuffalufagus - Tuffy for short.

When Tuffy came home, he immediately bolted for the bed and didn't budge for almost two weeks. The S.O. and I used to joke that we had an invisible cat - he would creep out at night when he was sure no one was awake and eat and sleep and use the litter box. One morning I woke up to find a bleary-eyed boyfriend and a playful little ball of fur jumping around the living room. It turns out that they were both struck by insomnia and he decided to try to lure the cat out with a feather toy. It worked like a charm, and now Tuffy is anything but invisible - he's always wanting attention!

I'd love to have more cats, but my apartment complex says "No more!" Hopefully in the next year or so I'll be moving into a house and have the space to accomodate any other furballs that want to live with me.

Love reading all y'all's stories - keep 'em coming!
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I was looking for a pet to keep me company seeing how my 11 year old parakeet and 5 yr old goldfish weren't up for snuggling. I decided it would have to be a cat because being a dog person and having grown up with them and knowing only canine training techniques, I thought it would be the logical thing to do. Actually, my job hours do not allow for a dog to get the attention it needs as far as exercise and bathroom time so a cat was the next best thing. I looked all over for older cats because I'd heard how hard it was to get them adopted but every one I called about had been adopted by the foster parents or someone they knew. So I started going in person to the Adopt a Stray in the mall and PetSmarts. I ended up at one where PetSearch was showing strays and started looking--I must have sat for an hour with one cat, 3 yrs old and sweet while talking to the woman running the show. SHe said she could see I wasn't sure and said I seemed nice enough and showed me two tiny black kittens that had been found under a car in a store parking lot. I was playing with both but Fitz just grabbed my heart and I took the little furball home--all 2 pounds of him! Now he weighs 6 1/2 only 2 months later and I'm crazy about him!
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I was going into Petsmart in Kansas City and noticed this little red, fuzzy scrap of fur laying under a shopping cart. I almost didn't go over to it, because it wasn't moving and I thought it was dead. I walked on past, then I just couldn't stand it. I poked it gently with my foot and it rolled over on its back and let out a feeble little"meow". I picked him up and discovered he was the most beautiful red tabby kitten I had ever seen. (I have a huge soft spot for red tabbies.) I put him in my shirt pocket and went into the store. They told me that someone had dropped off a litter in the middle of the night and that this little guy had apparently escaped from the box. I took him home and put him in a small cooler for Fred to find. Fred pulled him out of the cooler, bathed him, and fed him from his bowl. They are still the best of buddies. He seemed a sickly little fellow, so I got out my Cornell Book of Cats to see if I could find out what to do for him until morning. The book fell open to a quote from Leonardo di Vinci, "The smallest feline is a masterpiece." From figuring out his approximate age, he was born under the sign of Leo. So what else could his name have been? He is now a whopping 22 lbs. and still the most beautiful red tabby ever.
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This thread tells all about how Gypsy found me.

My other cat, Sheba, chose me. I didn't choose her. I really had no say in the matter.

When I was about 16, my cat Rambo died from complications from urinary tract infection. The autopsy found that he only had one kidney. I was heartbroken. "Bo-bo" (as I called him as soon as I was old enough to realize what a dumb name Rambo was) was the first "real" pet that was all mine, not a family cat and not a rodent or fish. He hated everyone but me, so that made me love him even more.

After a several month mourning period, my sister took me to the local ASPCA to look at kittens. She was good friends with some of the volunteers there and had found out they just got a bunch of little kittens in. I wanted to get a really young kitten... well, because they're kittens and they're adorable! And besides, I had a cranky 2 year old female tuxedo cat at home (Dotti) who'd probably get territorial over an older cat. They were so cute! I had just about picked one out, when I felt something pawing at my Big 80's Poofy Hair. There was a small black cat, about 6 months old, in the cage right about the kittens. She was such a GOOF! Climbing up and down the cage... basically being a total ham. Every time I tried to look at the kittens, she kept pawing at my hair.

I knew the cute little kittens would get adopted. Everybody who goes to the SPCA wants a cute little cuddly kitten. But would anyone else adopt the gawky little black kitty? I couldn't bear the thought of the ham being put to sleep, so I got her.

But Sheba's story doesn't end there. When I got my own house five years ago, my dorky then-boyfriend was allergic to cats, and since I thought I had a future with him, I left both Sheba and Dotti at my parents' house. Until I had a mouse in my house. I tried catching that dastardly mouse for about three weeks using all kinds of traps and all kind of bait. The mouse was smarter than me. This was upsetting. For instance, I had set a cereal bowl on the kitchen counter, and while I was getting the cereal and milk, he had frickin' peed IN THE BOWL! I vowed revenge. Then one day, the mouse got caught in a trap by the leg. When I found him, he was still alive, and too darn cute for me to just kill or flush down the toilet. So I did a stupid thing. I took the little goober out back and set him free.

One week later, what did I see on my kitchen counter? Yep. The mouse. (Now, I know in all likelihood, there was more than one mouse, but it's a much more entertaining story if it's one mouse that keeps harassing me.)

One day later, I brought Sheba to live with me. I haven't seen hide nor hair nor little mousy poo since.

(Three months or so later, I broke up with the dorky now-ex.)
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Hey BadHabit....can we move this Thread to the lounge? It is too good to keep here in the behavior forum where not everybody visits!
Can we?????????????can we?????????
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Sure... Where ever everyone will be able to see it.
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Ours is pretty much boring, I guess.... So, here goes:
We got married in 1997, and we wanted a cat & a dog. So, we went to the AZ Humane Societ, and picked out a very loving 6 month old cat, that I named Pickles. Well, a few weeks later, we got a bassett hound puppy, and well we didn't know at the time that Pickles didn't like dogs So, I had to do the hard part and take her back It was so hard on me ...... She was a tabby, short-haired girl, simialr to the cats you see on the Whiskas and Nine Lives food. So, we got a thing where you can exchange an animal for a new one. A few months went by, and we went back & that is how we found Fluffy.

A few months went by, and we decided Fluffy needed a playmate after seeing how she reacted to a neighborhood cat. So, we went to the Arizona Animal Welfare League, a no-kill shelter, and we found Cinnamon. Well, I picked her out!

So, 2000 rolls around and we kept saying how we wanted a new cat in the house, and we had some extra money. We had always wanted a bengal, but could never afford one. So, I found a local breeder and that is how Tigger came into the picture.

January 2001 rolls around, and I kept making meow noises at my hubby, saying how Tigger needed a playmate We were going to get 2 boy kittens from a local foster care (no-kill), but it never worked out. I happened to be looking at yet another local breeder of Bengals, and we saw Gizmo's baby picture. We decided to get him.

and, in July 2002, I happened to be looking at the same breeder's page, and saw that Gizmo's mom & dad had just had a litter 6 weeks prior to that ...... We saw Scooter & so we got him on July 4th!

So, it all worked out ........ I don't think about what happend to our first cat; I have a picture of her to keep in my memory. And, I know she went to a good home because she was very friendly.
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Well, mine aren't anywhere as near as exciting as some of yours!! But here goes....

First of all, we just got married and decided we needed some cuteness and fur in our new home (as you do) so off we went to the local rescue centres.... We were looking around the cat area but getting a little dismayed as they only had old cats who were sick and needed lots of treatment (as we were first time kitty owners we didn't think we'd be able to cope) so we wandered into the reception area to ask about soe of them.... behind the reception desk, in a cage, were the two most gorgeous kitties I've ever seen..... about 5 weeks old, all fluffy and stumbling around on chubby little paws Boddington and Tetley had been caught as they were kittens of a feral Mum found in a barn. Of course, we just HAD to have them both, to this day, they were the most adorable little kitties ever..

Then, after a few months.... we realised we needed more cuteness and fur in the house, so off we went back to another rescue centre, the plan was to get just ONE more kitty... but we failed at that too!! There were Shandy and Merle just sitting in a cage looking so sorry for themselves.....they were bro and sis from the same litter and just beautiful!! They had been found in a feild, semi feral, and thought to have been abused, so they came home with us too!

Next came Monty, he's a pedigree kitty but again we found him by chance, we were at a breeders house (buying Brandy, my baby Birman who sadly died ) and he just wouldn't leave us alone!! He kept leaping on us then zooming around the room jumping in all the water bowls... then back on us!! haha He was the last of a litter as no-one wanted him because he was black (?!?!?!?) He moaned and groaned all the way home in the car, and for about 2 days after that too.... but he soon settled in and continued "swimming" in the water bowls...... :lol

Then, Pip and Ash kinda happened at the same time! We'd been wanting another baby since Brandy died, and then an angel on this site (thanks Deb Myers!) told me about a post in the SOS forum.... someone who lived near by needed to re-home Ash!!! I contacted him saying I was more than willing to pay for the kitty and fetch him, but the chap wanted some time to convince his friend not to charge for the cat...... I didn't hear anythign for a while, so we started looking again, I saw an advert in the paper for some kittens so I called them up. They didn't have any left, BUT she did have some "un-tamed" kittens that she was fostering for the vet, as they had been taken in to be put down because the owner didn't want them!! soooo off we went ... and bought Pip!!! He was such a cute little guy!! he still is! Then, when we got home, we had an email from the man about Ash saying yes it was fine an to pick him up the next day!!! So we did!!! He is such a beautiful cat.... just sat on my lap all the way home in the car for over an hour his original owner was moving abroad and was unable to take him along with him.... thats why he needed to be re-homed. We are still in touch with the owners friend and send pictures every now and then....

I also want to mention little Ebony, we found her in the paper also, we went to collect her and she was just adorable!! Soooo cute!! All baby fluff and waddling around!! Sadly though, I think she was too young to be away from Mum, and she only survived a week..... but in that week she brought us so much happiness!! Just to watch her waddle around brought a big fat grin to my face!! :angel2:
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Blackie was born under my bed, and to explain that I have to go back a generation to his mom, Patches. We had a house and I drove an Explorer at the time, my daughter was about 18 months old. She used to get chicken nuggets but she never finished them (what kid that young can eat 4 nuggets in one go, after all) so every now and then I'd find petrified chicken nuggets in the car. Frankly, I usually tossed them on the ground, figuring they're food, something will eat it. So one evening I was pulling in and noticed a cat crouched at the top of the driveway. I figured it would run away as I got closer, but that little animal just turned its head and stared at my Explorer until I parked somewhere else! I HAD to find out what was so wonderful it was worth standing up to a very large automobile, and she was eating a very old chicken nugget that I had dropped earlier. Well, if she was willing to eat that, she surely deserved some real food so I took her in and fed her and she never left. She was so sweet and tame and only a few months old and it was January, we thought she might be someone's pet that got out. We posted signs and called vets and took an ad in the "found" section of the local paper, but nobody wanted the little Calico. In the meantime I named her Patches, a rather cliche generic name chosen because I didn't want to get attached. She wasn't pregnant when we found her, but in April she had kittens under my bed, and I think that's when I realized she was going to stay. Blackie was the only black kitten in the bunch, so my daughter decided to keep him. Through a series of circumstances I won't describe, we spent a year in California. While we were in an apartment there, Patches adopted the lady upstairs. When she bought a house, we let her take her. We visited once, and Miss Patches seemed very happy and spoiled.

Blackie came back to Texas with us. He has moments of being very affectionate, but mostly he keeps to himself, so we got to missing Patches' outgoing ways. Plus, one cat seems lonely (tho' some like to be onlies). One day at lunch, Jim noticed some kids with a box of kittens at a park near his office. He went over to look, and they were all tiny and cute and way overheated. He said he wished he could bring them all home, but he picked out just one and brought Sparky home to us. His sister was staying with us at the time, and although she claims to hate cats because they're sneaky, she would literally spend hours petting Sparky if she was home in the evening. (She is 10 years younger than me and single, so she did go out pretty often.)

As for Fred, well, the day we moved into this apartment, someone else was moving out of theirs and couldn't bring their cat. Of course he spotted Jim (not me, I'm not as mushy) and told him the dilemma and Fred came to live with us.

But I live in an apartment and we haven't paid the pet deposit, so NO MORE!

(At least, I keep saying that. I hope the cats are listening and stay away . . . )
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I always wanted a cat or cats but the family were dog people. I always had to make do with friends' cats. When I started dating John, he and his family were cat lovers - they had 3. One of his fav things (don't ask me why - it was torture to me) was to bring me to pet stores to see kittens. I would keep falling in love with them and crying when I couldn't bring them home (at this point still living at home with parents and dog). About 1 month before our wedding, John moved into our 1st apartment and that week went again to a pet store. John kept saying that we weren't going to get one until we were both settled in the apartment. That night I fell in love with Sugarly & he fell for Pepperpot - can you believe he made me leave without them! I cried all the way home. The next night I went to the apartment after work and he had the door locke d & wouldn't let me in. He had kittens in there! It was sweet he wanted to suprise me. Let me tell you I wanted to move in right then and there but I only had to wait another 2 weeks.
We got Excalibur about a year later. Once again the hubby made me go into a pet store & there he was a cute fuzzy boy who saw me and begged to be picked up. I picked him up, he streched back in my arms with his little paws over his head & looked at me as if saying "why aren't you scratching me yet?". I was very emotional that day because I found out I wasn't pregnant (I thought I was). My hubby said no way to a new cat and I bawled! It took me an hour to talk him into it & Excalibut was well worth it - he is our sweetest tempered cat. The other cats loved him right away.
Merlin we got at PetsMart. We adopted him from hobocat an cat rescue group, he had been born in capitivity from a feral mom. He had been bought by some one else, but they didn't pick him up when they found out he was sick and needed extra care. Now after alot of care in the beginning he is a momma's boy and into all kinds of mischief.
Striker (gweeky) we got from our vets office. They adopt out for the humane society and he was the last of his litter left there. He looked so sad all alone in the cage. I just had to get him.

Well that is the story of how my babies selected our home. Sorry for the long post!
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Heres how Boo and Socks found me and my hubby...
Well, my husband and I just moved into a condo about 4 months ago and before we moved, we knew that we wanted to get some kitties. Hubby had cats and dogs all his life, and I never had, so we were excited. Well we looked up some places on the internet and for some of them you had to be 21, which we aren't, so we decided to check into the humane society that was close to our house. We went in one Saturday and looked at all of the cats. We knew that we were going to adopt 2, but we weren't sure if we were going to get older cats, or kittens. So we looked at all the kittens, and there were these two that were brother and sister and they kept sticking their paws out of the cage like they wanted to grab us so we could play with them. Well we went into a room with them and they were so scrawny and small, but so cute. They kept jumping on our laps and as soon as we saw them looking at us with their bright eyes we knew that we were theirs.
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Well, I have 5 kitties, so this may be a bit lengthy

First there was Onyx. Onyx's owners decided that they didn't want him anymore and even though he was only about 8 weeks old they thought he could fend for himself if they threw him in a ditch and walked away. But, they were nice enough (kind hearted souls ) to leave a litterbox with him Someone heard the poor little guy howling one day and brought him home with them, but they couldn't keep him and I got a call to come see him. He had been in that ditch for a while and was skin and bones as well as ridden with parasites. He had 'chiggers' all over his face and head- a little orange blood-drinking mite. The infestation was so bad he had huge orange patches on him where the chiggers were congregated. They had even made a hole through one of his little ears. I cleaned him up, got him on some good kitten food and today hes a huge 17 lb kitty who loves to be in my lap more than anywhere else. I think hes grateful for the kindness we showed him

Next is Loco. He was born outside to a semi-feral momma. The owners put up an ad for kittens to give away and I went to have a look since Onyx seemed lonely. I had to come back twice since they couldn't catch the kittens Loco is still a pretty nervous kitty despite all our loving attention, but he loves to have his tummy rubbed whenever I'll do it (who can resist a fuzzy kitty tummy?)

Missy was our next addition. My neighbors cat got hit by a car one day last September and a few days after she heard mewing comignfrom her barn. She was such an irresponsible pet owner she hadn't even known her cat had been pregnant and had kittens She came to my door the day she found them and passed them to me (a litter of 4) and said if I didn't take them she was going to drown them. I had no idea what to do with 4 two week old kittens with no momma! That, actually is what lead me to this site! If it weren't for me getting help here Missy, (the only kitten I kept-the others were taken in by the local shelter and cared for by volunteers) would have died. I had to feed her with a teeny bottle every two hours- I must've done well, shes a healthy 6 month old girl today

Next came Gypsy. She and her four siblings and Mommy were dumped off by the side of the road when their owners decided they didn't want to take care of the kittens. Someone, after finding them all huddled in the middle of the road, brought them to the Vets office. they were slated to be put down, but I rallied my friends and family and found homes for them all Gyspy came home with me Shes a little on the small side, but is doing well and is such a snuggly girl

Lastly we got Kiri. I had no intention of getting any more kitties but when I went into the Vet office to get flea control I saw the most pathetic looking little grey, buggy eyed kitten in a cage there. She was the last of another unwanted litter brought in to be put down. Her siblings were all beautiful classic tabbies and found homes (the Vet lets the litters brought in stay for a week or so to see if he can place them in homes when someone brings them in to be euathanized) but no one wanted this 'Ugly Duckling' She stared at me with huge green eyes way too big for her skinny little face and melted my heart. Shes about 6 months old now and is still very scared of people, but she always allows me- and JUST me- to pet and kiss her. I even get a purr if I'm lucky I'm happy to be able to give her a home where she'll be loved despite her not-so-cuteness.

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You know, as I've been reading these, what stands out to me is, all of us. I mean, almost every post has at least one story of choosing or rescuing a kitten or cat that was abandonned or unwanted or left at a shelter or sick or handicapped. What a kind hearted, generous, caring group of people we are!
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I thought the same thing Allison Hey, you guys- we RULE!!! :laughing: Kitty Angels , every one.
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