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The new babies, again...

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So many of you read about my grandmom's recent adoption of two, baby Oliver look-alikes.... well they're 4 months now AND my aunt finally put picks online.. so that's one of the things this post is about

Here's the link:
Just click - view album as a guest under the picture

The white cat you see in some of them is my aunt's cat (my grandmom is currently living with my aunt after my mom's step-dad left her for a younger woman - hence why my gmom needed some little loves in her life), Princess Maple, she's completely deaf (my aunt is mostly deaf)... and I still can't tell the difference between the babies, but they're brothers and their names are Nip and Tuck

now the other thing for this post: they're having a little trouble introducing Maple to the babies correctly (I've told both my aunt and grandmom about this site, but I'm not sure that they've visited yet)... originally maple would bat at and hiss at them constantly... the kitties have their own room, but they want maple to be able to see them and get use to them... they tried several baby gates on top of each other, but the kitties just scale them and hop over... my grandmom will take the babies out into the rest of the house when she's home and maple is getting better, but still is not a happy princess... any suggestions other than installing a screen/glass door in the bedroom, hahaha... thanks all and enjoy the pictures!
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Oh what swwet photos.....I just LOVED # 8...it looks like that kitty is saying it`s prayers!
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Hehe, it does... my aunt is a professional photographer, so she gets great shots of the boys and maple... glad u enjoyed!
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Well, since I have a deaf cat & recently introduce a hearing cat, I hope I can help. Twitch picked Lily out. Lily knew how to approach Twitch. I let Twitch beat Lily up enough to get her good & scared(Lily has more of an advantage, so I wanted her to understand things). I think Lily learned after being hissed at several times not to sneak up on Twitch. The two kittens might be more aggressive than Lily & continue to try to approach Maple & scare her. That was the big issue with Twitch. She can be snuck up on easily & startled easily. It has taken quite a while, but she has gotten used to Lily & in fact seeks her out. Twitch did once use her weight to overpower Lily & squash the heck out of her. I let Lily out to follow me around once for an afternoon & put Twitch in my bedroom ot sleep the afternoon away there. That way Lily knew where she could hide from Twitch & was more comfortable in the open parts of the house. I made both of them eat together. I put two dishes down with the same food right next to each other & made them eat together. This helped a little. I did let them fight it out on their own after awhile. Twitch established that she is Queen of the house & that Lily is only allowed to live by her permission(at least that is what I imagined ).

Truthfully, to this day Twitch still gets mad at me for playing with Lily. Like right now Lily is sleeping in my lap. Twitch doesn't want to sleep in my lap, but she doesn't want Lily to either, so she is staring at me from teh top of the computer monitor.

The only thing I looked at the pictures for was Maple. lol

Good Luck!
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Hehe, glad you liked the pictures... Maple is beautiful and my aunt has millions of pictures of her too (my aunt's single and childless, so the kitties are her babies, lol)... I'll pass on your experiences to my aunt and grandmother as well as other people's suggestions... from what I understood from my grandmom, its not necessarily the kittens sneaking up on Maple but her being an unhappy camper overall... my aunt has kitty sat for friends before and Maple just gets miffed at other kitties being in her home... I know she will get used to them and is already showing signs of getting better (she doesn't ALWAYS swat/hiss anymore).... just looking for insight on making it go smoother.... thanks and keep the suggestions/experiences comin!
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I love this one - it sort of says - what are you looking at,lol
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More new pics of the babies!

Here they are... same thing as last time, view the album as a guest... some of these pics are labeled with who's who and there's another one with Princess Maple finally settling into her roll as step sister (It's her and one of the babies, Nip I believe, curled on a chair and according to my aunt, Maple was the one who jumped up to join the kitten!)... enjoy again!

Btw, things are getting better with the introductions... thanks all!
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Glad to hear introductions are going well! Like Maple, Twitch was the instigator of the first "good experience" between cat & kitten. After Twitch decided Lily was good enough to sit with, things went very quickly & smoothly. Keep us posted on any further progress!
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