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Where's Sierra?

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Sierra is so adorable, we decided to share her little disappearing act!

Sierra quite suddenly disappeared. I looked everywhere for her, under the bed, in the closets and cabinets, under the covers... What began calmly was becoming a frantic search. I couldn't imagine how she could have possibly gotten outside, but believing I had checked every possible location in the house several times, rushed to the bedroom to get the flashlight to go outside to search for her. As I was walking out of the bedroom, I happened to glance down at my suitcase that's propped up against the wall, and there were the most precious sleepy eyes looking up at me! My sweater and sweatshirt are still in there, so it must have made a perfect little hiding spot to nap! Here is my baby girl hiding in her suitcase!

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Oh how they love the suitcase...very cute.
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AWWWWWWWWW that is cute Sierra is one smart kitty
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Stephanie she is just the sweetest, cutest girl.... LOOK at that little face!!

I have my suitcase on top of my wardrobe - and it's Sashka's favourite sleeping place!! It took me forever to find her the first time she went up there...she's such a tiny little kitty. But she adores it!
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Awww Sierra...your sweet face, peeking out from your Mommy's suitcase, is as cute as can be.:
Stephanie...there is no doubt about it...your little girl loves her Mommy.
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How precious she is!!!
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ohhhh that is so cute!!!! sneaky baby!!!
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Awww, look at her precious face peaking out of the suitcase. She found the purrrrrfect place for a nap! What a sweetheart.
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Oh her little sleepy face peaking out is just too much! Silly and smart kitty! It sounds like a good place for a nap to me!
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Oh, soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! She is so adorable. I love those pics.
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Oh, Sierra! Don't scare your mom like that!!
Such a cutie-pie!
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She is too cute.
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I wanna kiss that little nose!
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Sierra looks adorable!
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Oh Goodness! that is adorable!
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Aw, Sierra! What a sweetie!
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Awwww I bet she was lovely and warm all snuggled up!
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Awww bless her little heart playing peekaboo with you Stephanie
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Awwww, what a precious sleepy little face! It must have been so lovey and snuggly warm in there!
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Thats gorgeous, so glad you managed to get pictures
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Awwwwww how cute is that, she must have been so snug in there with your sweatshirt that had meowmys smell on it. Adorable.
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Sierra You are silly! I bet you were in the panic mode! How do they find those places?
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Awww, what precious pictures. Sierra's such beautiful little girl.
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What a retreat I want to take anap in there!
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Awww!!, cuteness alert for sure!
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that looks so comphy
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Yes, I was definitely beyond panic mode! Thank you, you guys, for enjoying this with us!
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aaaaaaawwwwwwwww...Lovely Sierra you has Kitten soul yet!....
I thought you playing games with her!...."PiKa-boo!!!...

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