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Flame all you want on this one..

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Now here's a bunch of Whacks that I WILL support the Death Penalty for. They know the're wrong BUT DON'T CARE!! This is a BUSINESS these days and everybody does the *wink,wink* routine about it.

Monday: Attorney General John Ashcroft announces the sting in Washington.
Tuesday, March 19, 2002

WASHINGTON — The FBI filed criminal charges against 86 people in 26 states as the bureau shut down three nationwide Internet child-porn groups, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced Monday.

Those sought or already arrested in the sweep — dubbed "Operation Candyman" — included two Catholic priests, six other clergy members, a school bus driver, and at least one police officer, the FBI said.

The bureau expects to arrest at least 50 more suspects by the week's end as part of the operation. The effort targeted members of three Internet discussion groups on Yahoo! Inc.'s Web site, including one called "Candyman."

"I'd like to see one sweep a day," said Bruce J. Gebhardt, FBI executive assistant director for criminal investigations and cyber-crime. "We want to keep the pressure up on all these people."

All three Internet groups have been shut down. Investigators declined to identify the other two groups by name, saying it might interfere with efforts to trace suspects through their e-mail addresses. They said 7,000 people worldwide registered e-mail addresses with the Candyman group, and authorities were able to trace 1,400 people in the United States through those addresses.

"A new marketplace for child pornography has opened in the dark corners of cyberspace," Ashcroft said. "There will be no free rides on the Internet for those who traffic in child pornography."

Gebhardt said Yahoo executives cooperated with FBI requests for information about the subscribers to the discussions groups. But Gebhardt declined to say whether he believed Yahoo should have monitored its discussion groups to prevent ones from operating as open exchanges for child pornography.

Organizers of the Candyman group described it online as "for people who love kids. You can post any type of messages you like, too, or any type of pics and vids you like, too. P.S. If we all work together we will have the best group on the Net."

Mike Heimbach, head of the FBI's child crime unit, described the images exchanged on the Candyman group as "very explicit" and "hard-core."

FBI officials in Washington declined to identify by name any of those arrested or charged, except to list the occupations of some they described as "significant perpetrators" because they held jobs where they might spend time with children.

FBI officials in Washington said those people included a Catholic priest in the St. Louis area; a school bus driver in Albany, N.Y.; a preschool teacher's aide in Las Vegas; a child photographer and an unspecified clergy member in Philadelphia; and a police officer in West Virginia under investigation by FBI agents in Pittsburgh.

In Las Vegas, authorities said Beckham Baker, 23, was indicted Feb. 6 on one charge of receiving child pornography and one charge of possession of child pornography. Baker, who worked in a southern Nevada day care center, is free pending his next court appearance. FBI Special Agent Gayle Jacobs said authorities moved quickly to arrest Baker because of his job. "Obviously, he needed to be removed from working with children," Jacobs said.

Reached by telephone Monday at his Las Vegas apartment, Baker said he was seeking to hire a lawyer and declined to comment further.

The school bus driver in New York was identified as Shannon Timothy Macauley, 36, of Constable, N.Y., near the Canadian border. Macauley was charged by state police in November and December with sodomizing five boys. Another arrest in New York was John J. Schmidt Jr., 51, of Dolgeville, N.Y., an elementary school teacher, charged in November with receiving child pornography on his home computer from Internet sites.

Schmidt pleaded innocent. His attorney, Frank Policelli, said he couldn't comment on evidence he still hasn't seen yet or whether the search warrant was valid.

"The government always comes forth before anybody can see what kind of case they have," Policelli said. "You can't form an opinion just because the government made charges. They can charge anybody."

Authorities in a few of the communities the FBI listed indicated Monday that no one arrested or charged in the busts fit these descriptions, and an FBI official, speaking on condition of anonymity, acknowledged later Monday that some of those people identified by their occupation had not yet been arrested.

In St. Louis, archdiocese officials disclosed earlier this month that a computer belonging to a suburban priest at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Florissant, the Rev. John Hess, had been seized as part of a child pornography investigation. But authorities could not say late Monday whether that search was related to Monday's announcement in Washington. Hess has been removed from the parish.

FBI spokesman Pete Gulotta in Baltimore confirmed that among those also charged was the Rev. Thomas A. Rydzewski, an associate pastor at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore. His arrest on Dec. 13 had been previously announced there by authorities, but there was no indication of a larger investigation until Monday's announcement.

Rydzewski, who was charged with possession of child pornography, told the FBI that he "has long had a curiosity" about child pornography and that he sometimes connected to Internet newsgroups that promote it, according to court documents in the case.
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disgusting excuses for human beings. period.
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Priests, minister, policeman, teachers - all included in this group. In fact, I read in the paper that these people were targeted for arrest first since their professions earn them trust by children and/or bring them in constant contact with children. Many of them have prior indecency arrests, and some with no arrests are now confessing they have had indecent contact with children.

Which just supports my position that putting molesters' names in the paper is useless, because that only means they've been CAUGHT - it tells you nothing about the teacher, priest, policemen, etc. that is just as dangerous to your child but is not listed in the paper merely becuase they have yet to be CAUGHT!
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I feel sorry for the children who's lives are ruined permanently. What makes it ok for an adult to do things like this, especially a priest or a teacher? And, the thing with the priests is even grosser..... What, they figure since they cannot have sex, they can do this to an innocent child?
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Castrate all of them! This so sickens me. They just busted a major porn operation and the roots of it start here in Oregon!
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There has just got to be a special place in hell for these people! It is bad enough when just anyone does these disgusting things, but people in positions of trust is just too horrible to comprehend. I hope the penalties are more severe for these people. If they aren't now, I hope they will make new laws to make them so. I don't think the death penalty is too severe for this! I really don't think it is severe enough! Too bad cruel and unusual punishment is illegal. I could think of some cruel and unusual things to do to these people!
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You know, these people seek out those positions precisely because they are seen as trustworthy and have access to children. Which is why background checks are so important.

Stories like this give me chills.
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Why stop at castrating them? Put em in a prison cell with a couple of really big guys and let em be gangbanged routinely for the rest of their lives. That'd teach em a little humility I bet. If it were my child they messed with, I'd be up for murder
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Sick! Sick! Sick!

The internet has created some wonderful resources, this site for example, but has also created a safe haven for the sickos that are out there. Now they don't even have to leave their house for this crap. And the really sad thing is that this bust won't even scratch the surface. At least the US made laws that pertain to the internet, but there are many countries that don't have these laws. And there are a lot of people who do their disgusting "business" out of or through these countries because they know they won't get shut down. It's only the stupid ones who get caught.

I agree with Krazy Kat and Melissa. Our humane punishment is just too good for these people.
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I can't believe this! I fell so bad for all of the children who are involved and who had these horrible things done to them...and to think that these children trusted these teachers and priests. Its just too bad that there can't be a way to monitor cyber porn or to prevent it.
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I was watching CNN Headline News at lunch today and they have an update to the story.

They issued search warrants on the :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:s today. I think I heard 3,000 search warrants, but I could be wrong. Eleven countries are participating around the world to get this ring of perverts. They said that customs has confiscated computers, hundreds or thousands of CDs, videos, etc. and - get this - a book on how to seduce children. *GAG*

Who in the hell publishes that kind of thing?!?!?!?!?!?
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I agree with what everyone here has said...this people are evil and sick and should face the most severe punishment if caught. Sick, sick, sick!!!
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Sadly,over the past 20 years or so,Atlantic Canada has seen more than it's share of these cases come to light. Beginning with the Mt Cashel orphanage in Newfoundland right up through today. In NB here we've suffered through a long-running disgrace from the Kingsclear Boy's reformitory. One prison guard,Carl Toft was charged,convicted,jailed and is now nearing release after serving his term. The case at the time was leading to the involvement of several high-powered provincial officials, but was quickly buried after Toft's conviction.

With his pending release and his total lack of remorse for the destruction of so many lives, the whole mess could be re-opened. The officials are still trying to ignore the whole thing. Time will tell.

Lest anyone think I'm being two-faced here; I will say this. Now this is my own feelings,I don't expect you to agree. To MY VIEW..Mrs Yates was a mentally disturbed person who was caught up in a cult-like "religion" which twisted her mind beyond all saving. THESE scum on the other hand conciously decide to exercise their bizarre tastes and don't give a damn about the harm they do.

The only thing more sickening is the..things..who pander to their evil just for the bucks. That's who publishes those books.
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The whole thing makes me sick to my stomache. Even more so knowing that one these people lives just a couple of miles from me!
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