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Got a new kitty, big kitty is jealous!

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Hi all

I've had Buttercup own this house for almost two years now. Well for the last few days there has been a few babies running around outside. Two of them are little babies, maybe a month or so old, and there's one white fluffy kitty that is maybe a couple of months. He's so adorable and extremely friendly. I was afraid of them being outside and getting hit by cars (that likes to speed down this street all the time ). The fluffy white one (that I have already named Snowflake) I couldnt resist, and it was easy to bring him indoors.

Right now, Buttercup really isn't liking it at all!! She's pretty much sizing up Snowflake, growling and even hissing sometimes. Snowflake has walked up to Buttercup a few times, they'd sniff noses, and Snowflake will draw back. Buttercup hasnt tried to attack or anything, but i'm sort of a referee just in case. Buttercup always follows me around the house, and usually sits on my lap when i'm at the computer. right now Snowflake is stealing the show, and Buttercup is sort of sitting next to me (growling). I'm actually petting Snowflake with one hand, and petting Buttercup with the other, I guess to get her to understand i'm not neglecting her.

I expected Buttercup to not welcome any other cat with open arms, but how long should I expect this? Is there anything else I should worry about? I plan on getting Snowflake to the vet and get her checked out, get his shots and get him snipped. since he's snowy white, he could use a bath too (that should be fun) He ate pretty good already and now he's just walking thru the house, being so adorable, all over my lap and the keyboard
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You should not have them together at all. Your new kittens need to be vet checked, treated for fleas, checked for parasites and ear mites and other afflictions that come with living outside. Please keep the kittens separate from the resident cat. Otherwise the older cat can harm the kittens and then you will have a large vet bill.

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I didnt bring all three in, just one of them. I planned the vet trip tomorrow morning when I get in from work. I was just so scared to keep the kitty outside (it's getting very cold tonite), and I planned on keeping Buttercup in the room (that's where she is when i'm gone anyway), as I did also think about fleas and other things, so keeping them separated isnt a problem at all. Besides, it's soooooo hard to turn her away now that I've already grown attached to him One thing my brother told me to do is really check his fur and between his toes for ticks, which I didnt find at all (I know i'm the farthest thing from being a vet).

I think when I brought Buttercup home, she was a little older than Snowflake and boy was she dirty! Due to money reasons I had to wait a week before getting her checked out, but she worked out well.

I thank you so much for your advice!
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I keep the new cat in it's own room for maybe a week. By that time everyone knows there are other cats in the house and are very curious. Then I bring the new cat out maybe an hour at a time with me closely watching behavior. After they are able to walk around without hissing and growling every time I let the new cat stay out all day with me watching. After all that it still takes about a month before they are able to eat together without hissing.

You have to let the old cats know they are number one, and if there is a conflict the new cat gets put back in the room.
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its' almost kinda funny, Snowflake isn't too impressed and sort of ignores her i'll go pet Buttercup, she's loving it, then sort of looks over at Snowflakes and lets out a little hiss to say "THERE!" He's already found a "spot" he likes, so I'll fix that area in the room for him and work on them getting along. I hate I have to work tonite, but my brother will be here to keep an eye on both of them, and i'll have a bag of goodies in the morning
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i've found it hard to keep her in the room when i'm not here as my brother is usually here when i'm at work, and he likes to look after them. Buttercup hasnt done the hissing as much, in fact she's taken a great interest in the new kid on the block. I was sitting here, Snowflake by my right foot, Buttercup by my left foot, and it's almost like she holds out her hand to give a handshake or something Snowflake likes to find just about anything and play with it, and Buttercup has been right there checking things out. My brother said they were even "sparring" lastnite, sort of like kitty boxing or something. He assured me neither of them were aggresive in any way. I told him about it's important to let the introduction be slow (as outlined in the link given to me) and to try to hold out. I do know when I get here in the morning Snowflake is asleep on the same pillow his head is laying on

I went to the vet on Friday, but had to make an appointment to be seen, so I will be back on Tuesday. Probably will get his shots then. He gave a preliminary approval of him being in sound health for a former outdoor kitty. I dont know if i need to make another appointment for "the snip" or not, but that's in the very near future.
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well just an update. I've done the introduction method (maybe not to a tee), and things are tranquil around the house now. I've taken Snowflake to the vet, i'll be taking him back to get him fixed in a few weeks. Buttercup is actually happier around the house since she has a playmate sometimes Buttercup gets a little jealous when Snowflake is getting the attention, so she'll sort of include herself on my lap as well, sort of moving Snowflake out of the way thanx to this my family is calling me "the cat lady" haha
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