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Beware of the TigerLily!

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I finally got some pictures of Lily on the computer, so here she is! She is 11 weeks old right now. She is the most unique looking tabby kitten. She has the normal stripes, but half of her hairs are tipped in a whitish color. I saw someone mention a silver tabby, so she might be one!

She sleeps in some of the weirdest positions ever!

Oh look! A table full of kitty toys(a.k.a. puzzle pieces)!

I think I am going to get more on the computer while I play here, so I will hopefully have more pics to post soon!
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She is such a cutie!
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I lOVE the puzzle piece picture. I can only imagine the damage she could do there! What a cute kitty you have!
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What an absolute cutie! Her tummy looks just like Harley's does!

I love the 2nd picture too, trouble trouble!
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Here's both of them together.

Here's Lily bathing Twitch.

I think both of those pictures I posted in my first post are older. She has a veyr long body now & her hair is more silvery now.
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Oh my god!! I have an 11 week old kitten and she is about half the size of Lily!!!

Lily is very beautiful!! And of course those puzzle pieces are kitten toys!!!
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You are so brave for even attempting a jigsaw puzzle with her around! She is GORGEOUS though Im getting another kitten next week so Im loving all the baby kitten pics just now!!
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Awww, what a little cutie pie!!!
LOVE her name, too. When I was very small, I also had a brown tabby named "TigerLily". hehe
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I have been really concerned about Lily's weight. She has always been really skinny. Well, now I know why. She has the longest body ever! She is almost as long as Twitch at 11 weeks. I think I am going to have a monster of a cat. All well, then there's just more to love! Here's a few more pics.

Lily is a kitten & therefore sleeps a lot, so here is naother pic of her sleeping.

OH NO! A TINSEL MONSTER!! Twitch decided to play in the tinsel(which I didn't know we had). No need to worry, none went on the tree. I think Twitch played in it for a minute, then fell asleep buried in it.
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Oh the baby is kissing twitch, that's so sweet, kiss biting I guess you would have to say
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Shes adorable!
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Nice pics especially the one of them together, cute kitties!
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She's gorgeous! Not doing my tabby craving any good though
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What a sweetheart, my Bobby has a pale belly just like hers and he's a tabby too. Adorable.
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That picture of Lily with the jigsaw just made me melt
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Beautiful pictures of your gorgeous kitties!

I love the pictures of the two of them together, especially the kissing one!
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What a little darling! I want to pick her up and carry her like a baby
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Both Twitch & Lily are adorable.
I think that you are going to have your hands full with Lilly for awhile.
Lucky you....
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Adorable pictures.
Thanks for sharing!
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beautiful pics of your babies!
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