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I'm on eBay!

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I've found the coolest new hobby! I get to do some of my favorite things: write, shop, play on the computer, and make money! I've started trading on eBay. I'm so excited that I've found something to do for myself. Lately I've been pretty depressed and feeling that my life is so boring. I get up in the morning and wait for 12 hours for my husband to come home. Pretty pathetic. So I was thrilled when this idea came up. My husband is thrilled too. (He was getting pretty worried about me, I guess.)

You can check out my merchandise by going to www.ebay.com and searching on my eBay user ID, which is Dawnt91 (shocking, huh?). Since I've only just started, most of my merchandise is stuff from around my house, but I'll be taking the kids on lots of scouting expeditions to find new things. We'll be having a blast!

Anyway, I may not be posting as much, but I'll try to come by each day and keep up on things. This has kept me really busy since I started last week.

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Dawn, I just recently became registered at E-bay myself!!...it IS alot of fun!!! I have a bid in right now on a Boyd's Bear that is rather hard to find, it is retired.
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Debby - Are you selling anything or just buying. If you're selling, I'd love to see your stuff. I'm hooked!
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Look out - Ebay is as addictive as this site is!!

Dawn - one thing to be very careful about is how much you say you will charge for shipping. It is understood that the buyer pays for all shipping, and no one will really dispute it so make sure you do not underestimate. I had to sell some of my collectible Barbies to pay the bills when I was unemployed and ended up losing my shirt on the shipping. I figured out how much everything weighed and estimated on the USPS website. Well, come to find out the post office has the option to add charges for the dimensions of the package as well as the weight. They don't tell you this on their website. I ended up paying twice what I charged the buyers for shipping because of this.
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At this point I'm not selling anything, but ya never know!!
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Thank you so much for that tip! I'll be sure to ask the post office about this. I bought a scale and was going to weigh everything to find out the shipping cost, but this adds a whole new dimension. I'll go ask about it this week! Thank you!!
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oooo..another Ebayer here! I've racked up my credit card several times by shopping on Ebay

Have fun Dawn, a lot people enjoy selling on Ebay- I'm sure you'll love it :rainbow:
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that's so great Dawn! I just checked out your stuff. I think I want the egyptian shower curtain! Apparently I'm not the only one.

Have fun!

Is your ear any better?
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Thanks, AP. Isn't that shower curtain beautiful? It kills me to sell it, but I've finally accepted the fact that I'll never be able to use it again. I'm not going to redecorate this house into Egyptian, and it definitely does not work in my bathroom here.

What amazes me is that the first thing I had a bid on was my used sippy cups. It's wierd the stuff that sells.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and my infection is gone. Thank God! However, my ear is still full of fluid so my ear drum is still flat (it doesn't vibrate at all). But this may take months to go away. I don't have to take any more antibiotics but I still have to take a decongestant twice a day for another month. That's ok though - it was the antibiotics that were wreaking havoc on my body (all you girls know what I'm taking about - yuck!). So I'm much better! Yeah! Oh, and the doctor tested my hearing, and I passed, so that was good news too.
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Dawn-that is so awesome! I'm glad that you found a hobby that you love. My husband and I tried to start buying/selling on ebay a while ago, but then we stopped. We want to get back into it though because it is so fun and it is an easy way to make money. I wish that I didn't have to work and that I could do this all day...I wouldn't mind.
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