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The Dreaded Shamrocks

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Sorry a bit new not sure if in right area, but my cat has been a little monster and i need help. For the past weeks she has been getting into my mom's shamrocks eating and laying in them when we are gone. My mom is threatening to throw her out. What would make her attack the shamrocks? Is there anyway to stop her and can they hurt her? I've looked all over but I can get any info on how to get her to stop we take her out and play evey day with her so I have no idea? If any one could give me any help i would be very happy.
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Cats usually eat grass when their tummies are not feeling well.

Would keep her away according to the info I found:

Shamrocks can be:
- Especially Dangerous and can be Fatal
- KO = Kidney/Organ Failure - Signs: Increased drinking, non-appetite, weight loss

Would also guess that the amount consumes would certainly make a hugh difference.

Have you thought about growing her her own batch or Pet Grass (rye, wheat, oat) ??
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The odd thing is we just grew her some grass and still she does it?
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just did some research an edited my reply - please see
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Oh, the kitty is just having fun in the shamrocks! She has no idea it is naughty! I'm sure someone here will have some good ideas to keep her out of the plants, but she is really just being a cat!
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Well my mom says she won't kill her but she won't be getting any treats yeah i read about the kidney failure to well she is ok she eats more than me guess we will have to watch her she completely destoryed it though lol.
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By all means keep her out of the shamrocks. Plant catnip and cat grass for her. Regular grass is not a good substitute. In our Market Place we have a merchant who sells good quality cat grass. Might give it a try. But the shamrocks will potentially harm even kill your kitty.
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Will do thanks for help g2g dinner I will watch her if she trys to eat anything else i guess we might have to keep her or the plants in different rooms for my moms sanity bye.
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Is there a way to get the harmful plants somewhere that's out of your kitty's reach? It sounds like your mom has a decent amount of house plants, so I'd suggest you get to know which are toxic (or potentially toxic) to your kitty and get those plants elsewhere... maybe in a room where your cat is not allowed - I just wouldn't take the chance with allowing your cat access to plants like that...
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