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I had cable for a while and then the dsl came in and was WAY cheaper, so I went for that.. and really I haven't noticed a difference, but it seems to be more reliable. I live in an area where the cable would go out now and then but the dsl never does. There are different DSL speeds too, so the highest one should be fine.

We got DSL at the intro price but now it has went to the normal price which is still way cheaper than the cable was.
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oh and also, I have cable at work and dsl at home, and at work it seems to be more variable whereas at home the speed seems consistent. And it's not that I work in a big office, there are usually 4 computers connected through the network, but at home there are 4 as well.
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My DSL is every bit if not faster than Cable. I tried Cable for about 6 months and it cost more than DSL, and yet was not faster. I think there are 2 different speeds of DSL. I'm more than happy with DSL, but I would never want to go back to dial up.
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We have DSL; cable isn't available in our area yet. My sister has cable, and I use her computer to go online when I visit. It isn't any faster, i.e., I actually find it slower, and she pays 1 1/2 times as much as I do. I have a DSL volume rate, though, and seldom download. Her kids download music and movies, so that might account for the difference.
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I have had DSL for almost 2 years now. It was cheaper for me to get DSL than Cable internet. I think Cable in my area is faster than DSL, but since I got my new computer (3 GHz vs. 800 MHz), I swear my DSL connection has gotten super fast. I do wish the price would decrease, but it's definetly worth having because I do a fair amount of uploading and downloading.
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Your DSL isn't any faster -- you just don't have the bottleneck at the computer anymore. It sure helps.
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