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Very vocal towards a toy

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My seven year old male neutered cat has one in particular toy he will "talk" to , take it in his mouth lay down and start kicking it with his back feet (while still talking). This will go on for several minutes or until you get tired of hearing it and say something to him. We never fuss at him all you have to do is say his name or anything in general to him and he will stop. This usually starts right when my husband and I go to bed. Or he will be laying somewhere and you can take him the toy and walk off and this will start. Does anyone have any idea why he does this ? It is so funny to see but also very strange. Thanks for any input !
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Sounds to me like this is his fav toy! It must be adorable
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It's actually thier hunting instinct. It sounds as if this particular toy acts as his prey. I have a few who do this as well, I get a big kick out of it
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I recently posted something just like this!! My 2 year old cat, Noah, will do the exact same thing with his stuffed squirrel. He'll go nuts with it! It's adorable to watch, but it can get a little annoying while we're trying to sleep at night. But, like you said, we usually just say his name, or something like that, and he'll quiet down...most of the time!
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That's adorable. Mine won't talk to his toys on his own but we play a game where I throw small nerf balls against the wall and he catches them on the way back to me. I'll hold the ball up and say "Are you ready" and he'll squeak back at me "okay".
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My cat's favorite thing in the whole world might be the laundry basket. Cat's are just weird sometimes. Who knows what the are thinking! He loves to hae you put the basket over him, and he'll run with it on him, then push it up and get out, and want to start over again. or if you carry the basket, and say "Time to do the laundry", he jumps in and likes you to carry him around in it. And he sits in it whenever it's just out somewhere. Couldn't tell you why, it's not warm clothes he likes, he likes the basket empty. I wonder why cats like certain things. Oh, and if you are playing laundry basket with him and stop before he's tired, he cries.

But he also does that kicking thing with toys, holds them in his front paws and does a double rabbit kick/scratch thing to the toy. That, I think, is him killing prey.
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Alicat that is too funny! Trent loves the laudry basket, too. If I'm folding laundry, even if it is just half empty, he will jump in it, dig at nothing (when it's empty), do somersaults, and usually knocks the whole thing off the bed. He doesn't quite have the game as refined as your boy, but he sure does love playing in it!
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Yeah, we're trying to get him to develop a whole laundry basket performance and get him on Letterman! :tounge2:
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I have a few that sleep in the laundry basket, but never grab at the chance for a ride. They only obsess over them when they are empty sitting next to the washer. Then there's Kaos (yes named for good reason), you have to watch him when the dryer is open...he will jump right in and lay down
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Gizmo gets very defensive with his toys! He has a favorite cat wand that he carried around with him. When he has it in his mouth, he walks very tall and growls if Tigger or Scooter comes near him. We have had it sitting up on the cabinets for a few weeks now because when he has it, Scooter sometimes will pick on him. Today, I got it down and gave it to him, and as soon as he picked it up, he started to defend it. He also has a favorite stuffed turtle and frog that he will carry around from time to time.

Last week, he carried one of those GIANT cat wands )that you get from Petsmart with the big feather) around in his mouth. It was too funny because he'd knock it against everything. He's the only one who will do that, other than Tigger who carries her favorite string around.
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