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need all the help i can get!

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I absolutely need as many good vibes as posible out there, my parents are having a really hard time with money right now and to make things worse, my fathers mother past away. So he is going through depression and needs all the good vibes anyone can give. i apreciate anything anyone can give me right now. its a very hard time just before christmas i just hope he doesnt do anything stupid.
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Ahhh that's tough sweetie, I am sending a big from myself and my family, hopefully things will work out, My goes out to your Father for the loss of his Mother also, stay strong
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Thank you for your kind words and thoughts... much apreciated.
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Aww that's sad. Sending plenty vibes out!
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Lots of good vibes and prayers for your parents!
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My thoughts will be with your family, darlin... stick close to your dad and let him know how much he's loved, okay? That will help him a lot.
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More prayers and helping vibes sent to your parents..
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Awww....my thoughts and prayers for you and your family at this difficult time.
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Condolences on losing your grandma {{{Prayers & vibes}}} coming your way for comfort, encouragement & financial blessings for your entire family. If they don't mind, please tell your parents that the TCS "board magic" is headed their way...
By the way, remember to take good care of yourself, not only are you worried about your folks, you lost someone special, too. Hugs, Susan
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Thank you all for all the Suport adn Prayers, much apreciated, im doing as best as i can right now, we will be leaving for the funeral tommorow, She lived iup North about 10 hours away. Thanks again and TCS has been very helpful.
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Aw sweetheart - sending all the very biggest bestest vibes your way
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