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New here, but seasoned feline freak!

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Hi..I just up too early w/a headache & decided to delve into my favorite habit: CATS! I want to have more people to "cluck" with about my "lovelies!!"
I grew up on a farm & spent my entire childhood crying and digging graves. My whole life revolved around my cats then, sometimes as many as twenty....they were unhealthy and semi-feral, but I observed them for YEARS, and could make a film every bit as good as a PBS special on my little people in cat suits!
Between then and now, I became a dog groomer and have worked for many veterinarians, plus self-employed. I have a BFA in design from University of KS (Go Jayhawks!) and at my late age (52) have formed an LLC where I will have a gallery, make stuff, and consign. (Will die though, with clippers in my hands!)
The common thread in my life is CATS!! My first housecat was a Siamese, back in high school. Following marriage, I got another one: rescued (with an eye infection) from an aquarium full of sawdust in an old Gibson's store-we called her our $10 cat!....we took her to visit a Siamese tom & had two sealpoints and a blue. OH WHAT FUN IT WAS. Then kids came and "Little Freddie" basically lived under my bed in the daytime, and in the bed at night. She lived to be twenty....died of kidney failure. It was a very sad day.
During the "Freddie Era" though, I got two purebred Persians....a silver tabby and a deaf white male. Lots of problems with them, but they were wonderful, and died young. We presently have quite an interesting little group: a brother and sister, Louis, a shorthair high-white with yellow tabby splotches; Ann, a long-hair calico who is SUCH a little loveable beeeotch! I saw them in the floorboard of an old truck, filthy and sad; the passenger had few teeth and informed me they were on their way to shoot the kittens.....I took them, and now they're age 9 and ROTTEN. At the time, I was employed in a vet clinic where a BEAUTIFUL black tabby with mittens, bib and "dustmask" was dumped. She was the same age as Louis and Ann....I brought her home & her name is Mickey. She loved the other two as a kitten, but now is the Queen and quite hateful to everyone else! Three years later, I went to pick up a Siamese kitten for my sister, and the (neglectful) owner had an orange 1/2 Manx longtail kitten still nursing it's mother....he was COVERED with fleas. I could not resist, so brought him home, de-flea'd him & he became Leo. He has more hair than I've ever seen!!! Last year we had to put down our best cat, Otis. He was 15ish...he came to us fullgrown and neutered in 1990. He was a sight to behold: a silver mackeral tabby shorthair, and an attitude that became famous around town. He was our guardcat. He could not stay inside because he was driven to mark territory constantly....but in his latter years he had a special homemade crate that he loved & slept in at night. He had the physical appearance of a cheetah when he was in his full glory, and would attack any intruder with no thought whatsoever....he'd roll a large dog with no effort! He had to be euthanized due to an opportunistic mite which nearly covered his body due to feline leukemia. It was another sad day, but his life was the best of both worlds (indoor & outdoor!) "Little Eddie" was another that had to be put down the same year....I still have a couple of his whiskers! I nursed him through encephalitis, and he was braindamaged, after 6 years of pure pleasure....he looked like a Maine Coon. We allowed him to pace the house mindlessly for a year before we could let go of him....while telling him how beautiful he was, he attacked my face & tore my lip open. It was time to let go.
We now are "on hold" with our four foolish cat-kids, and have promised ourselves a real Maine Coon when all have met their maker....but every once in a while, I run into a kitten I can barely resist. I just hope I see every cat I ever knew the day I die.....does everyone feel this way??? I hope I find some like-minds here............thanks for reading this "essay!"
I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hello & Welcome to TCS!!!

I hope soon put pic´s of your furbabies on the forums! ...

See you on the forums!
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Welcome. And I enjoyed reading you story,Pictures of your fur babbies would be nice..
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I know how it is to feel that way about cats!! I have onli 2 ( ones pregant!!) im dying to see my new kittys!!!!! Glad to see there are other cat lovers that feel the same way !! im so bad that my freind said to me the other day STOP TALKING TO CATS!!!! However hahaha I WONT!! cause there GREAT!!
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Glad to meet you! Welcome to TCS.
You are not the only one, by a long stretch of the imagination,that talks to your "kitty-kids' and that worries about seeing your kitties again after they have gone.
I used to fret about what it would be like when something happened to them....but heck, they are only just past a year old, and i`m almost 56, overweight and have they could very well outlive me...who knows!?!?
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Originally Posted by Conesixkittens
I want to have more people to "cluck" with about my "lovelies!!"
well you most certainly have come to the right place!! I will cluck away with you any ol time!!
thankyou for your wonderful introduction. It sounds like you have had some marvellous characters in your life - bless them all - and yes, we all believe you will meet them again some day

Welcome to TCS

Please send me or another mentor a message if you need any help at all in the forums.

welcome again from me and my boys
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Welcome to TCS!!!
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Welcome! I can't wait to see piccies!
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Hi I'm new too
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Welcome and thank you for your wonderful introduction You have certainly brought much care and love into the lives of the cats you have had. I cannot believe someone would actually shoot a cat. And how sad about Eddie. His brain damage just got the best of him
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Thank you for such a grand welcome! And such wonderful pictures of your "nints!" I have a good new digital camera, but don't know how to work it!! I will try to figure it out soon....I also belong to an angelfish forum & need to show off my fish there....Anyone here into aquariums? These cats won't leave them alone! Every day there are new footprints sliding down the front, where they've been dipping and wishing and giving up!
I hate to say it but I live in a rural area where there are alot of people who are so STUPID they shoot cats for the fun of it....they view them as just another moving target when they're out hunting and have no luck with their legal tag targets (I hate these kind of people.) Here's a funny story about one of the worst: His wife took her mother's housecat for a while, and he terrorized this poor cat when he got the chance....but she got even! He was a lazy chauvenist pig and left all his hunting gear, clothes, you name it, laying around. The cat began "marking" all his stuff, thereby ruining it for hunting. I loved it!!! Luckily, Grandma got in a better situation and took her cat back before he ruined her personality!
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Hello it's nice to meet you!

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