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Cat Proofing; the final frontier.

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Every time I think my appartment is finally completely cat proofed, they find another way to supprise me. I've got baby locks on all my cabinets, extra magnets on my medicine cabinet, the freezer door taped shut (don't ask, but in my house it's necessary) and now............. I've had to take all the knobs off my stove!

Last night while I was preparing dinner for the kitties, someone I'm not sure who, jumped up on the stove & turned the burner on. The kicker is that every morning I curl my hair & put my curling iron on the stove to cool off. I didn't put it away when I came home last night, so when the burner (gas stove) got turned on it lit the cord on fire.

So now what I'm looking for, besides a new curling iron , is a way to cat proof the stove other than removing the knobs. I believe this will work, but I don't have full faith in this as the stove can still be turned on. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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You know that tacky stuff you can use to put up posters without putting holes in the walls? It acts kind of like gum. Maybe you could wedge that next to the nob so they don't turn easily. Its easy to remove and restick so it shouldn't be a problem when you do actually need to turn a burner on.
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Put double sided sticky tape where you don't want them to go - they won't like it at all and will learn to avoid those places. It may look (and feel) yucky for a while, but just a strip or two near and on the stove might help.
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Aren't there child-proofing things to place on stove knobs? I would think people with small children may have the same problem.
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Funny....I had just started reading this thread when I heard a strange noise I've never heard before from the other end of the house. So I jumped up to see what my rambunctious boys had gotten into now. I have these "turntable" style storage compartment in the kitchen cabinet, which I don't use, so they're empty. I discovered the boys had been spinning one around and there were some old nails rolling around on the shelf making noise.

I dunno -- you can never get far enough ahead of them to have a perfectly cat-proofed house. Just not possible!!
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I did find something for the stove knobs & I also found something for the freezer. Which is good because Jordan LOVES tape. If he finds tape anywhere he rips if off & starts chewing it. So the tape on the freezer never really worked well. I had to order the stove knob things because I couldn't find them in stores. So now about the only thing I don't have is a toilet lid latch, which hopefully I don't need. I did see something on-line that is made for the cabinets that turn.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27
So now about the only thing I don't have is a toilet lid latch,
Is such a thing made? Maybe I should get one. That's the only thing they haven't figured out yet.......
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Yes they do make toilet lid latches. I too wonder if I should get one, because once I kitty proof everything else they will have lots of time to figure it out.
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