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New Deaf Male Cat Aggressively Chases Female Cats

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I adopted Benny, a large (approximately 20 pounds) white deaf neutered male cat 10+ years old, from a shelter two months ago. Benny immediately became the dominant cat in the household as soon as I brought him home. He behaves very aggressively toward my three small spayed female cats who are all about 10 years old and about eight pounds each. He chases them, bullies them, and pins them down with fur flying everywhere when he gets the chance. He also chases my only other adult neutered male cat (Koko) but not with as much aggression. Benny doesn't seem as interested in terrorizing the male cat.

Benny likes to play with his cat toys more than my other cats do and he likes to play very rough. I've noticed that visual stimulation really gets his attention--more so than my other cats--I'm assuming because he is deaf.

Benny is the strongest cat I've ever encountered--whether it be his body or the force of his tail. He consistently knocks over items of low- to medium-weight (which I don't mind) such as: clocks, pen & pencil holders, lotion bottles and jars, telephone, etc. However, I was surprised when he knocked over and broke a very heavy lead crystal table lamp when he was just poking around--he wasn't playing, running or chasing.

Benny is otherwise very well behaved. He doesn't scratch the furniture or jump on the furniture. He always uses the litter box. He is loving toward me, purrs a lot, and likes to have his belly rubbed.

Is Benny just trying to play fight with my female cats? Is he jealous of them? I worry about the female cats when I'm not around. I fear he may really hurt one of them with his brute strength. Is there anything I can do?
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Deaf cats aren't usually aggressive, they are just fearless. They can't hear any sounds that scare them, therefore, they are not scared.

I would set up a sort of an agility course in one room for Benny to run. Cat posts, cat ramps, shelves, tunnels, that sort of thing. He sounds like he is just full of energy. Another thing that deaf cats love is to go for walks on harness. Again, because they can't hear, they don't usually fear much.

He's been cooped up in a shelter for quite awhile, he is more than likely just thrilled to be released from prison. Bless you for adopting an older cat!
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Deaf cats sometimes have a hard time dealing with other cats as they can't hear the hissing, etc. and misread body language. (I owned a deaf gold eye white rex).

His aggression may have been one of the reasons he was in the shelter - as he didn't get along with other cats. If the shelter knew that, they should have adopted him to an only cat home.

Not sure what you can really do, other then what has been suggested - more toys, etc. He may have to be confined by himself. Wish I had some better suggestions.
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I agree with Hissy, Benny sounds as if he is full of energy - I have a deaf cat and boy, is he full of it!!! He can and will run around all day - and yes, he is fearless. He will chase cars if I am not careful!!! He loves to go out for walks because there is so much for him to look at, and so I would suggest getting a harness for him and take him out for a walk - he may feel a little cooped in with all his energy and needs an outlet.
And yes, they do love to knock down things. I cannot leave drinks lying around because Kahu will actually look at me defiantly while knocking it down. They are not bad cats, they just cannot hear the sounds that the things make when they fall. He has knocked over a cat water reservior that I never thought would happen!
I believe he just needs an outlet for his energy and he has no idea how to be nice. Do you have a cat tree? Any cat furniture? If not, it might be a good idea to invest in some - he will love it. Another thing I have noticed about Kahu - he likes to sleep in enclosed spaces because he feels safe. To get his attention when I am looking for him, I knock on walls and he comes.
Deaf cats are really wonderful, I would not change it for the world. I wish you all the best. Please don't hesitate to ask more questions if you need to know anything else.
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