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Aggressive 8 year old -- help!

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I have had my cat for about 6 years -- I adopted her from a shelter when she was almost 2. She is a calico and displays typical calico behavior. She is very attached to me but is not very friendly with others. She will usually hide when guests come to the house but never spits or growls or attempts to attack guests. About a month ago I fell down the stairs (the bottom 2) and fell with my cat in my arms. We didn't know it at the time but she suffered a slight concussion according to the vet. But before we took her to the vet, several days after the fall she attacked my husband in the kitchen by biting him on the leg. She chased him out of the kitchen and he had to ring the doorbell to get my attention. She got him pretty good and a month later the "bite" is still in the healing process. She has since been put on a medication by the vet to reduce the swelling in her head. However, she is extremely aggressive towards my husband now. She will not let him walk through the house without trying to stalk him, growling and trying to lunge at him. HELP!!! We have tried separating them and it doesn't work. She will tolerate him sitting on the sofa but will not accept food from him and will try to bite him when he walks around. Has anyone ever had a similar situation? I don't want to give her away but the vet said I might have to if she doesn't come to "reaccept" him again.
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Don't give up! Your fur baby has suffered a physical injury that she is healing from. I know that you will get some insightful answers from experienced members here!
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Sometimes with head trauma cats can get a subdural hematoma and this can cause behavior changes. Almost like a blood blister in the brain. Even just the trauma can cause brusing and this will sometimes cause a cat to become aggressive. You might want to speak with your veterinarian about this and rule anything like that out.
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Thanks for the replies -- I was anxious for answers/suggestions. The vet noted that one of Savannah's pupils was more constricted than the other suggesting a concussion/swelling on the brain. We have had her on medication for about 3 weeks. Do these sometimes take a month or better for them to recover? Or do they ever completely? HELP!
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Depending on the severity of the injury it may take up to 6 months for this to resolve. Just be patient with her and hopefully she'll be back to her old self soon. Good luck with her!!
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Take an old sweatshirt that hubby no longer wants and ask him to put it on right next to his skin and then have him do a workout to get it really really sweaty. Wringing wet sweaty.......give this to the cat, set the cat's food and treats on top of it. Do pleasant things with the cat in association with this sweatshirt. You take the shirt and rub kitty all over it with it, permeate the coat with the smell of hubby. Leave this garment with kitty for several days. Then wash it and repeat the whole procedure.

Tell hubby not to look kitty full in the face, another thing he can try is when he is walking through the house attach a piece of string to his belt loop in the back of his pants, long enough to be tempting for kitty to go after. When kitty pounces on the string, hubby turns around and plays with cat for several minutes before putting the string away. Good luck. I have a soft spot for Calico's they are the best kitties!
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