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I did a bad thing.....

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I told a company that I have REALLY been wanting to work for that I have used Quickbooks before. Which I have used before, just not on a daily basis. Is this a bad thing to do? I just haven't had the best luck finding a job and Im desperate. Especially with Christmas coming and we are getting behind on EVERYTHING. I am SO scared that Santa might not be the greatest, if anything this year... Maybe if I got the job I could just wing it? *sigh* wish me luck!
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I don't think it's a bad thing, you've only bent the truth a little bit, lol. Good luck and hope you get the job.
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Do you have a copy of Quickbooks on your computer? If you do, you could just practice now... just in case you get the job.

If not, find a tutorial website where you can learn more about the software. (that's what I did with Excel last time I was looking for a job... I spent a couple of hours following one of those tutorial then wrote on my resume that I knew Excel... never had a problem because of it)

I don't think you did a bad thing. You HAVE used it before... so it doesn't sound like you actually lied.
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I did a search to find something on it but besides buying it, I can't find anything. I have used it before, I just can't remember when and where!
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Quickbooks, I find is a fairly intuitive system. if you get the job and can't figure something out, PM me :P

i don't think it's so bad to say that you have used ________ before if you have, but not extensively. As long as you didn't say "oh yeah! I'm an expert!" I think that's alright!
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No I told them I have used it before, but that I used more of the "company based" programs that were made JUST for that company. Which I have. I just found a demo on Quickbooks and it doesn't look too hard. I have been doing accounting for a while now (A/P, A/R, and Payroll) but I used the company's software, which was made specifically FOR that company and they weren't hard to use....I have an interview with them at 10:30, 30 mins from now so Im crossing my fingers. If I don't get it, I have 2 others today also which makes 8 interviews in 2 days, and 13 in a week. and NOTHING yet...*sigh*
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Its OK...lots of people stretch or bend the truth in job interviews or on resumes. I've definitely embellished a bit in a few interviews.
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You could go to the library and see if they have a "Quickbooks for Dummies" book or something similar. If you get the position that might help you out a bit.

Good luck!
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Good luck with your interview! i hope you get the position!!!
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Good luck with the interview.

Its amazing how many people say they have quickbooks experience and have never even opened the program (I interviewed 4 of them last week), but I find that as long as you can use one program, the others all work the same. I used quickbooks for the first time last year and it only took a few uses to get used to it.

I have the manuals and demos at work if you would like them to read over they are saved as pdfs.
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Do you know how extensive the use of QB is within that company? I use it regularly, but not to its full extent. We use QB Pro 2002, but are getting a new version soon. What version will you be using?
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I have been involved with computer software for about half of my career. I have found there usually is more involved learning the business than learning the software. Even if you are an expert with a piece of software, companies always have their own ways of working with the software.

I think getting a basic book like the Dummies series will refresh and educate you on the software itself. Good luck on the interview.
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I got the job! And they don't use Quickbooks that much. It's paying $10/hr and I work 8:30am to 5pm on Mon. Tues. Thurs and Fri and 10-6pm on Weds. I will be doing accounting A/P A/R for an electronics repair company. Oh and get this, it's about 4 minutes from my house and my sons schools! Thanks for the vibes everyone!
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It's great the job is that close to your home, I wish mine was.
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Congratulations!!!!!! And it sounds so convenient (I'm envious).
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good luck with the job..its not so bad what you did most people do it. you do what you have to
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Congrats on the job. It seems your life is getting better!!!
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Good job!!!!
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Originally Posted by squirtle
You could go to the library and see if they have a "Quickbooks for Dummies"
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Oh Yay! I am soooo happy for you! Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fantastic! And I have also used Quickbooks a little. I didn't think it was too hard. Since they don't use it too much you should be fine. Plus they may still have the books for it there if you are stuck. Where I work we have a CD tutorial for it. I'm not sure where we got it though. That is how I learned.
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If you click on the help menu the tutorial CD is installed with the software too.
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Nah, not too bad. Just tell them it's been a while and you're a little rusty with it. Then cram as much info on it as you can! Good luck! Congrats on getting the job! Just in time for Christmas!!!!
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Congrates and head to the library they might have it for loaning out or on one of there computers
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