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DT for Tuesday 19

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Hey, I am the first to post on a DT! Cool. Well lets see. I got home last night and took my shower. I played for an hour and a half with Rascal.
I got up this morning and everything went fine. I didn't spill any coffee(I didn't make any. Bought some at school) and I didn't miss the bus(Almost)!
I've been doing some homework on the computer and I am finished. Tomorrow I take a production test in Word. Yuck! Its on Using the Mail Merge and Styles. I don't study, just practice the function.
The sun is out and its not as cold but there is still snow on the ground from the weekend storms.
I have been attending an Employment workshop here at the college for the past month. Teaches how to write a great resume, how to look for jobs, and interviewing. I had a mock interview and the interviewer told us that we had to dress. Well, I ride the bus. There is no way I will wear a dress, nylon, and good shoes. I really dislike wearing nylons! And its too cold. Then she tells me I could bring a bag with those clothes and change here. Yeah, and get my dress all wrinkled? And is it really necessary to wear make up? I'm never really a make up woman. All I do is wear professional clothing, comb my hair nicely, put a shot of perfume, and lip stick. And I really don't want to buy professional clothing until I lose some pounds.

Great news! I've lost ten pounds since I started dieting. I walk everyday and I drink two bottles of water a day! I feel a lot better about myself. Anyone else?
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Thats great that you are loosing weight! You must feel so good about yourself.
Today has gone by somewhat fast. I have finals tomorrow and Thurs. so I've been trying to get some studying done (which is hard when the phone keeps ringing and I get distracted and lazy lol). I got in a car accident on Feb. 28th and I've been dealing with this other guys insurance company and they are so rude and not helpful at all! They make me so mad! Hopefully everything will work out fine and this will all be over soon, though I doubt it. (This guy has a really small bufu insurance company) I hope everyone else is having a good day!
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Why don't you get a lawyer? Where you injured?
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Wow, today has gone by fast. Not that I'm complaining...

It snowed last night but it is nice an sunny today. Springtime in Colorado. We went to the preview of Blade II last night, but the stupid promotions people handed out at least 2-3x the amount of tickets than the theater could hold. So we stood out in the snow for an hour only to get our parking validated and go home! I shouldn't complain about not seeing a free movie, but it was really annoying. We weren't even halfway in the line and didn't get in.

Sarah - my husband got in an accident about a year and a half ago. The insurance carrier was State Farm, and we got the run around from them, too. Unfortunately, it is not just small carriers that will screw you over when they can. My suggestion would be to talk to a lawyer. Most will give you a free consultation on this type of case, and even if you have to end up suing the insurance company the lawyers will take a percentage of your claim. We didn't do this early in the whole process and ended up getting the raw end of the deal.

Happy day to everyone!
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Valan and Nena,
I'm waiting on my medical bills to come, then I will send them to his company...now the thing is that I don't want to take my car to one of "their" places to get an estimate when I already got one somewhere that I wanted to go...all of the places are in Chicago and they are in bad neighborhoods. If they keep this up, then I am going to get a lawyer.
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Waiting for medical bills???? State Farm may not have done many things right, but we never had to deal with ANY medical bills. They were all sent directly to the insurance company, per the instructions from SF. As soon as there was a claim number we were instructed to give all that information to the Drs. that he had to see and they directly billed SF.

I may be pessimistic, but that does not sound right to me having just gone through all of this. I would seriously consider at least talking to a lawyer. I didn't want to when it all happened, either. But it is the insurance company's claim rep.'s job to make sure you get as little covered as possible. The way this insurance company is treating you right now, you are going to end up either paying the medical bills yourself or go into collections trying to get them to pay. None of this is going to affect your insurance rates, only the other guys. But it could affect your credit rating and financial wellbeing if they fight you. Like I said, consultations on this type of thing are free...
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Sorry, Susan, I don't mean to sound like I'm harping on you. It just concerns me to hear how they are treating you.

I'm really not sue-happy or anything like that. Unfortunately when dealing with auto accidents, especially when it's a company like that, I think that the only way to get things resolved is to get a lawyer involved. Like they say in the commercials - they have lawyers working for them, you should too!
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God! And then I get your name wrong too!

Sarah! That's what I meant!
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Got a nice surprise, when I got home from work, this afternoon: my son, Mark, was here! Haven't seen him, since New Year's. He lives 30 miles away and we've, both been on crazy work schedules. He'll be up here, for a couple of days, training for his new job. Mark says that he CAN go out to dinner with us, Thursday. (Its his birthday.) HOW did I end up old enough to have a 24-year-old MAN, for a child? His new job has good pay and benefits so, maybe, he and Samantha can afford to get married, this year. She's a very nice girl. He'd better treat her right: I raised him to respect women! Gotta go, Mark's stopping back by, for dinner tonight. Bill's Cooking!
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