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fun with lazer pointer

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I got one a couple of weeks ago and our boys have been soo play full with it. We have never seen our cats move so fast , it's even better on the lino in the kitchen . They just slide and slide and scurry to get any traction it's so cute . I had Rambo playing so hard he's panting - tounge out and all
He keeps nudging me for more it's so cute . Anyone else do this ?
( I am really carefull , I try not get the beam near them as i don't want to hurt them )
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Oh, yes! They LOVE IT!!
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Mine loved it until they figured out I was in control. Now, the laser point is part of their discarded toys.
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My babies love it too! It is great when I am feeling really lazy......
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What fun!Serenity loves ours! Sierra, on the other hand, couldn't possible care any less for it!
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My kitties enjoy it for as long as I have it out.
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If you want to have safe play use a small flashlight at night or early in the morning. The cats can chase the beam, and if you get them flashlight in their eyes, all they do is blink and turn away.
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Ive heard about using a laser pointer but we dont own one BUT we do use the flashlight and its soooo funny!! Stormy just LOVES to chase that beam all around.
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I love to put it on the wall, not too high though, and watch them jump to get it. My husband likes to put the laser on Tiger and watch Lily chase him
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Reilly loves his lazer pointer!!, all I need to do is jingle the chain it's on and he starts to natter!
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I've seen my friends cats play with these and i really want to get one for my cats, it's looks like such fun for them.
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Three of my four go crazy over it, even my oldest, Katie, who's 12 1/2. It's the most playful I've seen her in a while!
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Isn't it great how they just come alive when you get the laser out?
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mine go nuts! all i have to do is jingle the key chain it is on and they start freaking out lol
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Felicia loves the lazer, Beau ignores it.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Reilly loves his lazer pointer!!, all I need to do is jingle the chain it's on and he starts to natter!
& mine will track it across the ceiling!
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we had one of those for my sisters kitty in oregon and i forgot all about how much fun cats have with them..thanks for reminding me now i have to go out and get kallie one to play with
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Most of my cats and my dogs love it too. Timmy is a little feral so it kinda scares him. Yes, be careful with the eyes!
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