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White fur underneath black?

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I have a cat that is a half bombay breed. She is black all over, yet when you rub her tummy underneath you can see bright white fur underneath the black. Looks like cotten. She has had this since she was a kitten, thats why we named her Smokey. Whats the cause of this? Do all cats have this or is it just certain ones? Any information would be very appreciated.
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I don't know anything about Bombays, but I have a barn cat named Josie who is a tuxedo kitty. She is mostly jet black, but pure white underneath. When I first got her I kept wondering why she always looked scruffy to me, then finally realized that whenever she sits, the white shows through!

She really is a pretty girl, though, with bright green eyes!
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Sounds like a very good example of a black smoke mixed breed. Black smokes are white underneath (like cotton color). Its not an easy task to get a good quality one. If one parent is a bombay, the other HAS to be a smoke.

Where did you get your kitty?
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I got her from an Animal Hospital. For some reason, not sure why, someone gave them 5 bombay kittens. They looked to be half breeds cause of this one had the white underneath it's black.
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She sounds pretty!
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My youngest one has a white undercoat with black fur which sounds like something similiar to what you are describing and she is a mix breed black smoke - possibly with some Persian in her background.
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Is that trait specific to one breed? I think my Josie is just a real pretty moggy!

This pic was following some kind of tail injury, where she lost all fur in a section of her tail, you can see as it grew out the white area showing the underfur on her tail! She is fully healed now!
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Nope smoke is a colour, it can be in a lot of breeds.

Catguy, your cat definitly sounds like a smoke. Lucky thing.
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Thanks for the info, Sam!
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My Harley is like that, and a friends cat too. His outer coat is black, and the under coat is white. He's had a problem, was licking all his fur off, and the white showed through.

He's an enormous cat too, weighs over 7 kilos and is very big and long. He's very timid, and scaredy, but very affectionate too.
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I have 2 cats like that, Ta and Chaucer, with black fur and a white undercoat. They are so soft! One I got at an animal shelter and the other was given to me at an art festival in a park here in Savannah. Their coloring is so pretty.
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Some bengals turn out to be silver smoke-white fur under and black smokescreen on top.
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I had a cat named Smokey too, years ago when i was small child. He was a pretty boy and stayed with us until time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. (I've had lots of cats,lol...)He was mostly black but had a dense white undercoat that gave him the "smoke" color. He was also long haired. Just a plain old mixed breed, but a sweetie indeed!
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Harley is supposed to be half Siamese. He's tail is ringed too, but it only shows under certain lights
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