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Christmas Traveling, 2 month old baby, 2 dogs,& A CAT?!

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So my boyfriend and I were mapping out our Christmas stops and had decided long before that our 2 dogs would come with us, they love the car. We have a 2 month old baby, and about 6 stops to make. I brought up today about Baxter coming with us, and he's pretty frusterated. "TRAVELING DURING THE CHRISTMAS SEASON, A 2 MONTH OLD BABY, 2 DOGS, AND NOW A CAT?!"

Does anyone have any good advice for how I can get him to agree that Bax just cannot be home alone for 2 weeks?!
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Well I don't know that taking a cat along is a very good idea either. That is a long time and too much constant change for most cats. Most cats like their routines. I would suggest having a friend or neighbor come over peraps. Or if you have to board the cat that may work too. I don't know, it is your call, only you know your cat...I also don't know if it is a good idea with the noise and activity of the car, the baby, the dogs and you and your bf, stoping and going and honking the horn and in and out. I know my cats would flip out.
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for sure! I totally agree with everything she said. Kitties dont like car rides as much as dogs do, and it would also add to your stress...

I dont know about you, but when my daughter was 2 months old, a 2 week trip, with the man and the dogs, Probably would be a huge stress fest, not including the mewoing cat in the back seat probably peeing on himself cuz he's so stressed out. Sounds like a mess to me. But maybe that's just me.

I'd say, leave kitty home, get a family or friend to come play and feed him everyday.
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lol, sounds like fun. The baby is the least of your problems, the best way to get a 2month old to sleep, is by putting them in the car and drive. , but the dogs and the cat ? I am more worried about space issues. Sounds very cramped ? Also 6 stops and lots of strangers..... sounds like a lot of stress for baby and cat. Sounds like the cat is better off at home with a friend.
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If your cat is NOT a seasoned traveler and ok with different enviroments, the safest place to stay is his own home. You have these options:

1. Have someone (neighbor or pet sitter) come in once a day to feed, water, clean litter box, and play a bit with the cat.

2. Board your cat for 2 weeks.

Some cats love traveling. I've had several HHP's and rexes that loved to ride in the car and didn't care where we were as long as we were there and had their food/water. But that in not the norm. Most cats prefer staying home where things are familiar.

Take the baby and 2 dogs with you - you'll have enough to worry/deal with that!
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i took my two kittens with me home (four hours away -- which turned into seven hours each way because of thanksgiving traffic). they were fussy at first but after that they slept the whole way. i was so impressed! I think some cats can take it -- but maybe cuz they are young (five months)?
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Usually kittens are a little more tolerant. I used to take my kittens on short car rides just to get them used to it if I ever needed to drive them later. I know my adult cat freaked her first car ride! She's since gotten used to it but it can be really stressful with a cat who won't hold still or won't stop meowing. One of my kittens was sick a lot so he got used to driving back and forth to the vets.
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Oh MY! I'd leave the kitty at home for someone to check on/play with/feed and I'd board the dogs or have someone take care of them too. I can't imagine having such a car load. Some 2 month old babies would be fine and some would be howling all the time. Plus you have 6 different stops. Thats a lot of stress,even on dogs. I would be sedating myself before I left the driveway! Good Luck!
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