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NE Ohio-I know its a dog but I am running out of ideas

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Hey sorry to post about a dog but we are all animal lovers and I don't know of a dog forum quite like this one.

My friend had a great little adult shepard mix.
He had a lot of family tproblems going on and decided to find a new home for the dog. The new home he found has been great except the woman just got evicted. This poor dog has no place to go since the woman is now homeless. Well she will be, she is in the process of getting out now. So we are all trying to find a new or temporary home for this poor dog. I honestly do not know a lot about her other then she is spayed, healthy and is just a quiet, well-behaved dog. I believe she is crate trained also.

If anyone on here would be able to take a dog or knows of a rescue shelter that won't euthanize, we hate to do that but if it comes down to it...a shelter it is...
I would really like to find her a home. I have posted fliers and put a notice on Petfinder and Craigslist. So far no one responsed except for those scams where people ask you to ship your "adorable pet" to them

The shelter I worked at is full, like most are. I know I am not likely to find anyone to take her but I figured it was worth a try on here. Maybe someone out there would like a dog, or knows someone who would, I would appreciate it and so would she
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Where are you located?
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Where are you located in Ohio?
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I would love a dog! Unfortunately if I did it would be me and the dog out in the cold - husband would evict me. The Geauga Humane is a great place - they've had one cat that had been there almost a year looking for a home - not the best - but it proves that they will find a home for a healhty animal.

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Hey thanks I live in Kent. I am very willing to travel a small distance if necessary. Of course I would rather go to the new home myself, but if I can't then I can't.
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Thats about 20 min from Akron.
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Jen - I may have an interested party - She wants more info. I tried to PM you my and her work email address - but your box is full!
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If you are the person who called me then I will call you back Thursday morning. I have been at work and then a funeral all day today and just got home now at 10pm. If you are someone else then pm me again I will delete my messages right now. didnt know the box is full.
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That was me!!

Sorry to hear about the funeral.
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Cool! where in Ohio does your friend live that might be interested?
I will definately call you in the morning.
I called my friend tonite but he already went to bed.
I will call again in the morning and then call you after.
I just need to check on the basic information because I didn't right it all down before, like the dogs EXACT age and if she is up to date on shots and stuff.

So talk to ya tomorrow and thanks!
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We both live in Geauga county, but we both work in Streetsboro (near Twinsburg)

I don't recommend people lightly - but she is a great dog mommy! When I asked her today - I fully expected to hear "No".... but to my suprise it was "We've been thinking about getting a companion for Buster" Totally floored me - I was so excited!
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ohhh I am sooo happy. and you live soo close! the dog is in painsville so if your friend decides yes then I will pick her up after work and bring her there. I dont want to get my hopes up yet but I will give my friend a ring first thing tomorrow and find out more. Then you can talk to your friend about it. thanks so much!
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