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So the Teddy saga continues.

I took him back today because he'd had a bad URI, was treated with Clavamox, that resolved it for about 2 weeks, but it came back. He'll now be taking Zithromax for 2 weeks and he'll be checked again. He acts completely normal in all respects, he just sneezes, coughs, and in general is a ball of snot.

Because of his coughing, the vet ordered a chest x-ray to look for anything that could be causing the problem. While nothing turned up in his lungs, the vet noticed that some of the blood vessels around his heart looked larger than normal. She thought that might be normal for Teddy seeing as he's a large cat.

Has anyone experienced enlarged heart vessels in your cat?

Also, one of Teddy's anal glands was messed up again. This poor cat... he's got so many issues - and he's only 8!