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kitten not getting better!

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My 5 month old kitten has coccidia. It was diagnosed with a fecal test. He never had terrible diarrhea but had loose stool a couple times a day. He has been on S-125 tablets for 15 days and still has loose stool! The first half of his poo is solid and normal and the last half is not solid. What is going on? Why is half good and half not good? I still have 5 more days of pills but I was really hoping he would be better by now. I am going to call the vet but would love to hear some of your experiences with this as well. There were no other parasites found in his stool sample. They did say that he had excess bacteria and was on a medicine for that.
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Poor thing

I don't have the answer, but if it were me, I would call the vet right away..

Hope your kitty feels better soon!
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It sounds like its getting better. Sometimes it takes the full treatment to really get rid of it so I wouldn't second guess it yet. Kittens sometimes have a bit of runny stool anyway, what isn't normal is diarhea. Coccidia usually has a yellowish hue to the stool as well.
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That can also mean that the food is moving too quickly through your babies system. He could benefit from some probiotic sich as FASTTRACK to encourge the flora in the intestins and proper digestion especially since he had been on meds.

Also what food are you feeding - that could also be a factor
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I don't have advice but I'm sending prayers and vibes for your little baby boy.
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He is eating a mixture of mostly Innova Evo and Presidents Choice Nutrition 1st kitten food. He is also getting some PC wet food in the evening. He threw up a lot last night. He has never thrown up before. It totally freaked me out. He started crying and then barfed a large volume. What I think happened is that he pigged out on his own wet food and then ate the other cats food too. He acted fine after it was over. Then he had a normal poo this morning! So wierd. I'm thinking that I'm giving him too much wet food and it is too much for his little gut to handle. So I'll cut down on the wet food by a lot. I am also switching both cats entirely over to EVO so maybe that and the medicine is improving things. Who knows???? The cats name is Guinness by the way. My husband named him. My other cat has a mineral name so he thought that a beer name would be good for the second one!
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Sometimes these nasty parasites take a lot of medicine to go completely. My little Napoleon has had three courses of tablets before his giardia went, and even now I am waiting and hoping we have seen the last of it.
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Coccidia takes a while to get better because the medicine doesn't actually kill the organisms. It just keeps them from reproducing, which gives the cat's immune system a chance to take care of the infection. It is not unusual for an infection to take up to 3 weeks of medication to get better, and it may come back. Coccidia is a pain, that's for sure.
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