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Not my kitty, but...

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s/he's still cute! I was looking through some pictures and found these. I took them about a year ago! I thought I'd share because it's such a cute cat. I love those big round eyes!

It was an outside (or feral, I'm not sure) kitty that came up to me while I was outside and started meowing. Really sweet cat!

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She is so cute!!! Great pictures!!!
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What a doll!
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shes gorgeous, such lovely markings
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Great and wonderful pics!!!...absolutely wonderful model too! ...
I love his tongue!
thank you for share!
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she is so purdyful
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So pretty...........
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What a cutie pie!!!

And such a poser!!
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Awww, the fouth picture is especially precious!
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Oh that is one cute kitty!!!
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I love her/his little nose!
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adorable! she looks like my aunts cat. =)
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Most likely female; 99.9% of calicos are.
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She is so pretty and i love the fourth pic, it looks like she's singing to you and the second one with the tongue is so precious, lol.
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Beautiful cat! Is she still around???
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