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My latest revelation

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I remember a while back we had a some type of discussion on house cleaning.
That has nenver been one of my strong suites. However now that I'm home all day I've actually been cleaning the house once week!!! Trust me that's pretty amazing. But now that I have this routine going it takes me half the time to clean as before. Most likely due to it being done regularly
If I had stuck to a routine long ago I probably would have found that out earlier and started a cleaning routine then!!

My other most recent revelation is that before I let Bobber back in the house I'm going to look at her first. She was just a bit quick by the door (she sits on the window ledge in the family room)and I screamed as she was carrying a vole. Good thing it was dead (I hope) I picked it up with a hugh bunch of paper towels and tossed the whole lot outside. This is the second time she dragged something in in the past couple months. We stopped her a couple of other times!!
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Oh my!...you can´t read minds...isn´t??...

sounds like a "Deja Vu"...........
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I have to agree. Staying ahead in cleaning pays in spades. Beware of live voles!
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