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Question about bengals

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Hi everyone

I just wanted to know how much difference there is in un-altered males,and altered male bengals? I have a bengal cross (i believe) and he is up for his nueter soon (he's 5 mnths) He is very loving and sweet about 70 percent of the time, but sometimes man does he get out of hand!!!!!! He gets very playful with my older cat Chichi (16) and she is very mean and will not play with him at all, and I think he gets upset by that and torments her more to where I have to grab him and put him in his time out closet( don't worry it is a walk in, and he loves to go in there and sleep ) I was just wondering if this crazed behavior will go away after he is nuetered? She is spayed BTW.

Here is a pic of Murphy,so you can be the judge of his Bengal worthy-ness LOL

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He is lovely , I know very little about bengal standard as my own bengal cross is a red ... I would fix him if you are not planning to be a serius breeder.. did he come with breeding rights?? if no then definately get him fixed...
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Yeah I am in the process of making the appnt. I was just wondering about the behavoiral changes before and after the nueter. Is your kitty spayed/nuetered? What behavior changes did you notice if any?
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I would not expect any behavior changes unless you are expiencing marking behavior. As far as pestering your other cat, he is young and wants a play buddy. In the behavior forum you see a ton of threads about kittens keeping people awake at night and being bothersome. What he is doing is normal kitten behavior, only instead of you as the target, your other cat is. This is something that I think will go away as he gets a little older and can settle down a little more.

The best solution is to have a play buddy that is of similar age, but I know that is not always possible .
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As an afterthought:
It might be difficult to correct this behavior. Ultimately he is being playful. I would try to redirect his playful energies with a toy. Get a feather wand and everytime he goes after you cat istead of putting him in a timeout try to draw his attention to the toy instead of teh cat. This will help him with his pent up energy. This might redirect the behavior towards you but anythign will be better than towards your 16 year old kitty. Also keeping the 2 cats apart as much as possible is a good idea. She might feel a little threatened by this new addition ot the house. Over time the smells of the kitty won't be as assaulting but this could take many months if she does decide to accept him. Even then I'm sure she won't want to play.

My kittens really play hard with each other...they entertain each other constantly. Its so funny and wonderful at the same time.
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Thanks for all the advice!!!!Thanks alot Solarity! I have had Mr. Murphy about a month and they get along great unless Murphy is in hyper mode LOL Its just not normal play LOl he runs at her and LEAPS over her hitting her tail etc.... he does'nt hurt her,She is just a grump. Murphy has his feather toy, catnip toys, balls,you name it I bought it for him I play with him ALOT!!!!! We play this game where I put my hand under the cover, then raise it up in the air and he will attack it. I love it it is soooo funny. But sometimes( not often) he gets this WILD look in his eye and if you touch him he will bite HARD so then he gets time out. As soon as I set him in the closet though he just lays down like ok meowmy its naptime! And he will take a nap and be "normal" again. I guess that just goes along with his kitteness. Thank you again, I will take his wierdo-ness along with the kittenness LOL
p.s. I will try to get a picture of this hyper-ness so you all can see how CRAZY he gets, but I don't know if the camera speed is fast enough LOL LOL!
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