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Well, that scared the bejesus out of me!

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I've been feeling sort of sick for the past couple of weeks or so. First I had a head cold, then the last week or so I was feeling a little nauseous and having stomach issues. I figured the stomach problems were related to eating rich food and flying (flying really messes with my system). This AM, however, I was talking to a friend of mine who said "Ooh, you're nauseous and tired? MAYBE YOU'RE PREGNANT!"
Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to have kids, but given that we just bought a house and I still have two semesters of grad school left, so it wouldn't exactly be ideal timing.
So, after freaking out for about 10 minutes, about ready to go to the drug store and by a pregnancy test, I realized that there's no way I could be pregnant because my period just ended yesterday!

So, now I'm not worried about pregnancy but I'm worried about Alzheimers!
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It's it amazing that we can scare ourselves like that sometimes!!
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You panicked yourself into forgetfulness!
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Whew!! What a relief when you remembered THAT!! For me, one of the first signs that I'm pg is sensitive nipples (really noticeable in the shower); but the morning sickness comes soon thereafter Sorry to know that you were feeling so lousy. {{{Prayers & vibes}}} to be healthy again!
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That is scary..but I think you should still check it out just in case!.
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I know how you felt! When I was younger and did not have my tubes tied, the minute someone uttered the P word, I froze.
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Thanks for the laugh this a.m
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Senility is always a worry - you know that's my second attempt at this post - so I guess I'm not that far behind you :P
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My doctor asked me recently if I was pregnant. I said no as I was using the best anticonceptive system ever. He asked condoms?? I said no, celibacy
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Ooooh, except you can still have your period when you're pregnant...I'd still go check it out!
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Yeah you can get a period while preg. I know how that can totally freeze your brain though!
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