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Sweet Behavior

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Ok, for the record, I am a dog person. I'm also an accidental cat mom. For the last year I've lived with my boyfriend who has a cat. Pretty cool cat, I'd say.

So, Darwin does something odd on occasion. Sometimes I'll wake up at night to find the cat sitting on my bed, touching my mouth with her little, furry paw. Then today, she was lying next to me on the sofa, facing me. I was petting her and she was purring, eyes half closed. She gentle reached up and touched my face. Over the course of a few minutes, she did that several times.

So, what's with the furry paw on the face?

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awwwwwwww mine do that too. especially Ailey. I think its one of their ways of telling you they love you. kinda like "blowing kisses"
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So sweet....Lucky does that to me. She started as a kitten...i would lean down to talk to her and she would put her paws on my mouth. I thought it meant "shhhhhh mom". But now she does it whenever she's feeling well love and cuddled.
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My Lovey does this too.. Also when he is cuddling with me and eyes half closed and his motor is going.
I thought it was an impatient gesture..Ie, Pet me here now, Mum or don't stop doing that Mum! But I think I may agree that its simply a love-pat
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Oliver does this every morning... he sleeps half on the pillow next to my head and I set two alarms (yeah, NOT a morning person!) so in between them is usually some cuddle/wake up time and he's usually facing me and will reach a paw out to my face and purr and head butt... i love it!
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My Gordito will do that every now and then
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10
Oliver does this every morning... he sleeps half on the pillow next to my head and I set two alarms (yeah, NOT a morning person!)
lol i have one alarm clock st at 6:00 am then my cell phone is set for 6:10 and then again for 6:20 then my other alarm clock goes off at 6:30 and the kids are still sometimes late for school lmao talk about not being a morning person!!

call me crazy
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Thats so sweet and you're lucky your boyfriends cat has taken to you so well she's obviously a sweetie
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He is not the most in-tune-with-animals kinda guy. He thought for several years that the cat was anti-social and just wanted to be left alone. Now he realizes that you have to actually interact with animals to have them socialize with you. She comes and sits with us on the sofa - between us so we can both pet her.
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Awww...for a dog person, you're doing really well with this cat! My Pearl does the same thing to me, and I've always figured I must be talking in my sleep... but we can't ALL be doing that, so I guess it really is just Love.
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My kitten did the exact same thing last night while we were in bed! I was sleeping, and he loves to curl up on my pillow right beside my head. So last night he did just that, except he stretched out his little front legs and laid a paw gently on either side of my nose and proceeded to purr like a little motor boat! LOL! It kinda tickled, so I gave him a little rub and chin scratch and moved my head a few inches further away from him...and what did he do??? Move closer to me and put his paws right back where he had them! Soooooo cute.

I definitely think it's their little kitty way of showing us love!
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Dog people can definitely be converted to dog/cat people My dad's a dog person by far but when he visits or I bring Oliver home, he roughhouses with him like he does with the dog and just laughs when the cat puffs up and attacks his arm... it's great exercise for the kitty, then they curl up together and watch some tv, so no hard feelings... hehe, just thought I'd add my two cents about that part of this thread
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When my Cupid does it, it is usually to get my attention. It works, too. Who could resist that?! If I look at him mid-paw, he will put his paw down, so I'm pretty sure that's why he does it. If I'm loving on him and stop, he'll do it to get me to start again. That, or he'll headbutt, lick my hands, or nudge my hands. He does it to wake me up, too. I it.
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I think it is so precious when they use their little "hands".
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