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Has any ordered from Lillian Vernon?

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Has anyone ordered from lillianvernon.com or the catalog? Just wondering
if you've been satisfied with their products. My niece, who's five, has a couple of items from there on her Xmas list including the pet condo with kittens. Seems like a cute gift.

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A long time ago, I used to order from them all the time. Never had any problem
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Long ago, I ordered a bookrack that hangs over a door -- actually, two of them, hooked together just the way they were shown in the catalog. I loaded it with paperbacks (not heavier hardbacks, which were shown in the catalog), and it was fine for a day. Then the metal of the rack just twisted apart, and the whole thing fell off the door.

Lillian Vernon refunded the price of the bookrack, so they handled it honorably... but I do have the impression that some of their products are pretty cheaply made.
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I have ordered from them before. The quality of their items aren't that great at all, but if that's what she wants I wouldn't have a problem ordering from them.
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That gift looks safe enough. I used to buy from them a lot, too. My cats' food dishes are from Lillian Vernon, circa about 6 years ago.
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I've been ordering from them, for about 15 years. I have a nifty caddy that hangs on the toilet and holds four rolls of toilet paper. I get kitchen gagdets there, too.
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I have also been ordering from them for years...I haven't had any problems... I am actually waiting for something that I ordered this past weekend. I like their catalog because of the personalization gifts!
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Thanks for all the feedback.

I just placed an order for the pet condo, along with a ballerina jewelry box my niece also wanted. What a pain. I was the phone for half a hour because
my order wouldn't go through online. After I ordered the items I wanted, the lady tried selling me four other little girls' items they have on sale. I was trying to be polite, had to interupt to tell her I'm not interested. Then, at the end of the call, she got really pushing about listening to a promo for life insurance. AHHHHHHHH!
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