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Plz help. Im a new cat owner and one i think is sick

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Ive always been a dog owner. But at xmas i went
and got 2 kittens from our local pound. These
two cats are the best. We love them very much and spoil them. But now for the problem. This morning George wasnt out playing as usually. He wasnt following me around waiting for his food. He wasnt there when i put the food down , so i went lookin for him. 30 minutes later i found him under the love seat. He didnt look like he wanted to move which is strange for him. I took him to his food and he just walked away from it. That is REALLY strange for him. I tried playing with him but he wasnt interested. Even Charlie was playing but still george wasnt interested. Ive been noticing that in the corner of his eyes theres like a kinda white( dont know if thats it) membrane that covers part of his eye. But on charlie i dont see this. Georges eyes have been like that for about 3 weeks but hes always ate good and been really playful. But now his not. Like i said im a new cat owner. Ive never in my life owned a cat. We take them to the vet. Next month we are havint them fixed. But i dont know of any cat problems to look at for like i do dogs. I need help. I cant take him to the vet until this weekend but im scared to wait but i have no choice. I guess if anyone though it was really important then i could try and find somone to come and take me and the kittens to the vet. But i dont think that they would understand why i thought it was so important. Plz help and give me some ideas of whats going on.. and what i can do until the weekend
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The membrane that you are talking about is called the "third eye" or the "haw" Generally when a kitten or cat (you didn't say how old this guy is) is feeling punky, that membrane will cover more of the eye than usual. There are times when the membrane will look like it is gone completely, but it has just receded.

To help your kitten while he doesn't feel good, give him a nice dark, quiet place to rest away from his shelter-mate. Make sure he has plenty of water,and monitor his litter box keeping it very clean. To stimulate his appetite you can sprinkle his food (wet food) with a little bit of garlic salt, you can also see if he will eat baby food, chicken, and turkey is best. You can dribble a little bit of tuna juice into his water, and also nuke the food just a few seconds in the microwave 10-15 seconds is the best.

If you gently grab his neck and let go, if the scruff stays pinched without your help, then kitty is dehydrated. You can buy some pedialyte and mix a little in with his wet food. Good luck, your kitties are lucky that they have such an attentive owner.
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Im sorry. The kittens are about 5 mths old give or
take a mth. Like i said i got them from a pound.
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Did the pound or the vet confirm that they have been vaccinated with the Feleuk and FRVCP vaccines? If not, did the pound or a vet confirm that they have been tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV and are negative? If you don't know the answers to these questions I would call the pound and ask, or if they have already seen a vet I would call the vet. You may want to go ahead and call the vet you will be taking them to. You can described to them what is going on and they can tell you if George needs to come in or immediately or if it can wait a few days.

Like Hissy said, make him comfortable and check his water intake and litter box use. Pinch his scruff and if it stays "tented" or is slow in returning he is dehydrated. You may want to keep Charlie separated from George because George may be contagious depending on what the problem is.

Good luck and I hope George gets better soon. It's so great that you are so concerned and attentive.
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