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Ode to Joey

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Can't leave out my little troublemaker. I guess this is what happens when you take half the day off from work. I've been stuck at home today with a leg injury. So here I sit with limb elevated, composing silly poems.

I may look like a cat
But my owner’s not sure
Here is my profile
I’ll give you a tour.

They think I’m part penguin
‘Cause I’m very willin’
To hang out in the fridge
To me it’s just chillin’.

My little front paws
Are webbed like a duck
I play in the water
So to me that’s good luck.

My little cat head
Can twist ‘round like an owl
Don’t do that too often
Did that Advantage taste foul!

My back legs remind you
Of a young kangaroo
That’s why my name’s Joey
I jump real good too.

My front raccoon paws
Are like two little hands
For picking stuff up
And digging in cans.

I think I can talk
But I sound like a freak
I forget to open my mouth
So I only can squeak.

I can sit and stare at you
I never will blink
Like that Eddie dog on “Frasierâ€
It’s a talent, I think.

When I want to be petted
I never sit down
I just like to collapse
And, wham, hit the ground.

Can’t really help it
Was just born this way
Good thing my mom loves
My messed-up DNA.
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Deb, I love Joey. He reminds me of my MoMo The Monster Boy; does what he pleases and thinks he's nomal. Is Joey one of what they call "Big Foot Cats" ? They have extra toes on the front, sometimes 6or8 and back feet like a jackrabbit, but they are very lovable and intelligent. If allowed to breed the Big Foot characteristic is dominate in both male or female. Keep composing your odes even after the foot mends. I should be in bed with my feet elevated right now because I have a circulation problem aggrivated by my arthritis and my legs swell. Gravity doesn't help and the longer I sit still at the table and type the worse they get. Ain't old age grand (and I'm not even that old yet but I spent a lifetime working plus 18hrs. a day on my feet and then had a couple of knee injuries in my late 30's. Ah, well, when I go to bed I'm up all nite to pee, but the fluid has to come off someway!
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Just the normal amount of toes for dear little Joseph. The jury is still out on his intelligence! He's just your run of the mill orange tabby. But he's quite small for being full grown. I think he may have been the runt of the litter.

I hear you with the circulation problems. I banged up one leg last week getting off a horse, and now the doctor wants to check for a clot tomorrow. I already have not-the-greatest leg circulation, a combination of heredity and lots of waitressing in high school and college. So we'll see what happens.

Thanks for all your kind words.
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I love your style! You remind me of the poet with the webpage Whispers of the Vagabond- about horses. Or maybe you grew up with Dr. Seuss too???

Either way, you are quite talented!
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Seuss, hmm. Maybe it's just the schoolteacher in me. I always thought I was deprived of oxygen at birth!
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Aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! This is sooooo cute! What a great lil' guy.
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I know of a cat forum that I would love to share this in. They all would appreciate your humor- being demented cat owners themselves.....
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Hmmm, Joey shares some characteristics with my Fergus. Maybe it is an orange tabby thing. I laughed out loud when you described Joey's tendency to fall on to the floor when he wants pets & loves. Fergus does that too.

It really is an adorable poem.
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Dear Deb,
I just read your poem and I was quite taken by Joey. I didn't know he was an orange tabby, but I coupled him right away with my Opie. I have a gold tabby, not quite orange, but he acts just like that. He was sooooo tiny when he was a kitten; you should see him now! HUGE. lol...He doesn't sit either. He just flops and rolls...oh and of course poses for the camera every chance he gets. He's quite the ham. I love your Joey, keep writing; yes, you may have had lack of air...I do believe I can relate...LOL..j/k...

God Bless You & Yours!
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I just found this & it's so cute!
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