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There is nothing better than a cozy bed and the warmth of the radiator

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Oh bless, that is adorable! Every time I see Bullit I just want to kiss his little velvet feet!
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What a darling kitty and such a delightful pic.....just makes you want to pet and wake him up,just to hear him purr, does`nt it?
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Awwww looks like he is about 2 seconds from falling on his head LOL what a doll!
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He is just adorable and looks soooooooo snug and chilled out.
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Oh how sweet is that picture. :
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Awww, he does look cozy! Precious picture!
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the title says it all he sure does look cozy
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I wish I could get that relaxed! Precious!
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he is adorable! Love that pic!
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Can I lie next him????.......
Sooo beautiful!!! ..
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That is absolutely adorable!!!
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Aww! hes a pretty boy!
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He looks like he's melting into a puddle of kitty! I wish I knew how to melt like that!
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