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Another new purrson! Also, do you know of....

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Hi fellow purrsons! Came across this site while trying to locate any designs for an outdoor cat house. I have nine cats and I would like to have an outdoor house that they can lounge in during the spring, summer, fall months. I saw one in a movie once that was awesome. It was like a wood house/shed/building cut in half with a screened front. It had ramps and other things for the cats to play on. Anyway, does anyone know of plans or have you designed one or do you know of a site that may have plans?? HELP! My babies love being outside in the warmer months but I want them to be protected!
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I don't know of a site with universal plans for a cat-house. Here is one, but before you build it, depending on where you are located, check with the zoning committee to be sure it is allowed. I have a friend who built a beautiful one for her 12 cats and in the end had to tear it down because she didn't check out the zoning regs first.

You want to build something that will accomodate all your cats and give them lots of objects to climb on and play in as well. Good luck they are lucky to have you!

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Wow! Thanks! That is along the lines of what I'm thinking of!
Now, while I'm here, let me tell you about my babies! I have nine feline "children" and three canine "children" (but we won't talk about them here!) My eldest is Baby (1993), who I hand raised along with her litter mates when her mommy was killed by a car. She didn't even have her eyes open yet! Her full name was Bug Eye Baby because the poor little thing was the runt and had the biggest bug eyes you've ever seen. She was one of those that only a mother could love! But, she grew out of the bug eyes and is a beauiful Baby (Pitty Girl Baby Katt is her full name). Then there is Dinah (Dinah Dolittle), my special shy little girl. She came to live with me the same day Princess Diana was killed (August 1997). Dinah was a little kitten who followed me around at a yard sale and no one knew where she came from so home she came with me. Baby hates her and we have to keep them separated at all times. Next is Black Kitgee. Actually, we're her people and she's not our cat. She was one that just showed up at our house, pregnant no less, and took up residence which brings us to her litter of Jack (Big Lumber Jack), Sabrina (Sabrino Dino) and Do (Do Boy Do - looked alot like Dinah). They were born in 1998. Next is Sasparillo (2000). My husband found him literally on the doorstep. All my children are special but Sass is one of kind. He is so SMART. It's amazing. I've never seen anything like it! Next is Tee Tiny (2001), again another stray my husband found in a parking lot. Sweet little itty bitty calico. And the most recent is Sweet Boy (2002), a huge shy tom I found in a parking lot in town. The people in the store said they saw people drive up and throw him out. He is the sweetest cat I've ever encountered. He has never hissed, growled or attempted to claw or scratch me. But he is very shy and is scared of everyone but me, even my husband he is not too sure about. Anyway, those are my beautiful wonderful children!
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Your children, or kidden as some here call them (I think that's so cute!) sound wonderful! I'm sure you have some wonderful stories to tell. And thank goodness there are people out there like you who don't just turn away the creatures who only ask for someone to love them!

I look forward to hearing more about your babies. (And talking about the canine children is also perfectly acceptable around here! We all love cats, but we also love any good animal story.)
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My latest, Sweet Boy, wasn't suppose to be adopted by us. After I found him, I called my husband on the cell phone and told him instead of going shopping as planned, I was on my way back home with a cat and explained what happened. When I first picked up Sweet Boy, he was shaking and hid his head in my coat (it was January). I just couldn't leave him there. Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter, my husband said we were at our limit with 8 and that we had to find him a home. We know a wonderful lady who runs Animal Helpers and does nothing but devote herself to taking in cats and adopting them out. My husband contacted her but she didn't have room for him so for three weeks, we fostered Sweet Boy. When she called and said she had an opening, I was heart broken but felt I was doing the right thing (I hoped) in trying to find him a home where he would be the center of attention. Anyway, we met her and turned him over to her and my heart shattered into a million pieces. I broke down right then and there. She called that night to let me know he was ok and that he had had his evening Cat Sip (he got some every single night and I bought out the Kroger supply to send with him!) She had him neutered the next day (which we gave her money for in appreciation of taking him in). My husband would call and check on him and she would email us. As it turns out, after observing him for a couple of weeks, she didn't feel he had a very good chance of being adopted. He was too nervous and shy and she didn't feel many people would want to work with him. (But can you blame him? Everyone he ever trusted abandoned him). My husband told me this over breakfast at Steak and Shake and right there in front of God and everyone, I started crying. My husband, my wonderful husband, asked me if I wanted to go get him and of course my answer was YES. So, we did. I've got my Sweet Boy and I feel like the lost lamb is back in the fold. He is such a joy, such a blessing that I can't imagine not having him in my life. I am definitly his person and he is surely my special boy. And he still gets his Cat Sip every night!
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Welcome! It sure sounds like you have a house full of furbabies! Hope to see you post often.
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What a great story! I'm so glad your Sweet Boy came back to you. They do have a way of finding the right person for them.
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