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Hair ball or URI

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Sunday when we brought Nella home, she made a couple of low hacking sounds.I called the Vet and the Tech said it sounded like a hair ball and should pass on it's own.
Last night, she scared me by getting in my face and doing it kind of loud and several times on and off.
SOunds like when they hiss/spit
SHe's eating,drinking, and playing......loves to attack your feet when you're in the bed at night. She was spayed last Monday and had an additional set of vaccinations by ACCIDENT!!! Could that be her problem?Or has she got a URI? Or hairball?
Will call the Vet and try to get her in there today or tomm. when ever they have an opening.
Do I need to be concerned?
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If she passes a hairball it will look different than vomit. More solid than a vomit-plop. (sorry to be so grafic)
Keep and eye on her 3rd eyelid if it starts showing. (creeping out from the inner sides of her eyes) That usually means they don`t feel well....also if she quits being intrested in drinking or eating or playing.....then you`d want to have her see the vet.
From what you have said, it sounds like the sound they make when they are trying to pass a hairball. Your vet might be able to give you something to help if she does`nt get it out soon and keeps on hacking.
Burshing her often should help too....the more you brush off the loose hairs the less she will consume when she grooms herself....but some cats seem to do this more than others. I have to brush Tedy 2-3 times a day to keep him from having to pass hairballs...he sheds many times more than Toby does. (That`s why we call him "Shedy-Tedy") :-)
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