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Polly is Sick

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Well, the stray went home and now Polly is sick.

No diarrhea, vomiting only. I have lysoled everything in the house, vacuumed thoroughly and put all her dishes through the dishwasher.

Every time she eats, she throws it back up. She is not eating too fast, or too much. I took her food away last night. She is very hungry and WANTS to eat. She is still drinking.

The stray, come to find out, had been fixed and was up to date on all its shots. I am well aware that it could have gotten ill while out and passed something on to Polly. (i wish I would have found this board before the stray came home. I would have quarantined her)

I have been reading about vomiting and noticed that there is a direct correlation between that and food allergies. She has never thrown up before with it, but I am thinking it could have just developed. It is more likely she got a bug from the kitten though.

My question is, I would like to feed her something mild when I get home from school this morning. I read about the chicken and rice...I have some boneless skinless chicken I could boil up. And I have brown, organic rice from whole foods. Is brown okay to feed her? I also have a BUNCH of cooked turkey. I would prefer cooking up the brown rice and chopping up some turkey, would this work as a mild meal?

I know to give her a very small amount. If she has trouble keeping that down, she will go to the vet today.

Thanks so much you guys.
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Brown rice is best.White Rice has been stripped of all of it's natural nutrients.
I'd give her 1/2 cup of fooked turkey/chicken and rice.Give it to her when it's a bit warm.See if she can keep it down.If so, about 2 hours later........give her some more.
You can get Pedialete (sp) also for her to drink and get the needed nutrients.
Good luck!!!
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I hope Polly is feeling better soon....but if she keeps throwing up she really ought to see her vet.
Is she drinking OK...and able to keep it down?
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she is drinking fine from what I can tell. She is not dehydrated at least. she is lethargic. My lovely BF gave her a bit of food this morning when he went to work. I was already at school and he must have not comprehended me this morning at 5am when I told him not to feed her, i would feed her when I got home. He only gave her a tiny bit, and there isn't any throw up in the apt. That I can see at least. There is still food in the bowl though.

I will make some rice and turkey right now. Give her maybe a quarter to half a cup? I am glad the brown rice is better! It is all I have. and well, turkey is in quite an abundance right now too.

Does it matter white or dark meat? I had planned on giving white...
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no suggestions cause im still clueless when it comes to them getting sick but I hope she gets to feeling better soon
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I would just highly recommend that you not use Lysol. It is very toxic to kitties, they cannot break down the phenols in the solution. Use bleach and hot water, or even hot vinegar to clean. But please don't use Lysol.

her vomiting could be anything, she could be stressed, you could be overfeeding, she could be eating to fast. Before you hit the panic button and assume the stray brought something in, you should get her to the vet to be checked out-
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Thanks hissy. I was unaware about lysol! I will not use it anymore.

As far as her reasons for throwing up, she is not overfed. That I know. She takes her time eating, so I have a hard time believing she eats too fast. She deffinitly could be stressed.

She is doing much better now that I am home. She keeps bringing me her squirl to throw and fetch, (yes, she fetches. lol) that is a good sign. There is no throw up from the TINY bit of food my BF put out this morning.

She is BEGGING for food while I cook the rice and turkey. Right now she just jumped on the back of my chair and now to my shoulder trying to lick my nose. She has been on top of the fridge for a while trying to get my attention by looking SO :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: ADRORABLE while I cook. Her mannerisms are back to normal. Let's see if she keeps this 1/2 cup of rice and turkey down. If she throws up any today, I will take her to the vet. No if ands or buts.

Let me tell you, it smells so good! I think I am going to save a bit for myself!

Can we make it with chicken broth?
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all that work and my rice and turkey is not pleasing to her!!! She sooo vocal. "What the heck is this! I am not eating this! Where is my food??"

How do you get a cat to eat the stuff??

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