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Broken Tail Recovery

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Hi, I am new to this forum. Buddy was hit by a car 3 weeks ago and was fine except his tail was broken at the base. Vet said we needed to amputate it because it would cause bacterial problems with going to bathroom. We have him at home, he was on the bladder contraction medication - it didn't seem to help, and has not been on the phenoxybenzamine for one week. He has to be expressed at least twice a day, my husband does this, I just can't squeeze hard enough or in the right place. He still can't pee, he tries and tries to poop, but usually it comes out after he has given up. He leaves stool in his chair that he is sleeping in, or it falls out as he is walking. We have to keep him locked up in a spare room that is covered in a plastic tarp and newspapers. This is so frustrating - he is such a big part of our family. I just got off the phone with the vet and he had contacted a referral service - they say we need to give it at least 6 weeks to see if there is any improvement. Have you had any success?????

Thanks to anyone for any helpful info or tips.
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I knew a girl who had a paralytic cat, her back legs didn't work. She had a small cart made for her, with wheels in which her back legs where put and she pulled along with the front ones. She use nappys for the cat couldn't even feel when she had to go to the litterbox. The cat has a "normal" and very happy life.
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My cat we found when he was 5 months old had his tail cut off by my step dads uncle when we werent home. I think he was drunk, or he is just an idiot. His tail was in bad shape in the first place, and while we were gone, he cut it off and told us it fell off. For some reason we believed it, (I was about 7) we were later told by someone else that he had cut it off. My mom was VERY mad. But the cat never had any problems that we know from it. But then again, it was only cut a few cm off the top, not at the base...
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There's a cat who comes into our clinic that I THINK had to have his tail amputated, his bladder has to be expressed 2x daily as well... you are not alone.

It's wonderful if you can stick it out. It takes alot of dedication and time, hopefully your kitty will get better as time goes on
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Please feel better soon, little Buddy!
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Buddy is so normal in every other way. If his nerves could just heal so he could pee on his own we could let him out of the house to roam and be a normal cat again. We just hope that something positive happens in the next couple of weeks.
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