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Semi kitty bed solution

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Ok, so I've been all disgruntled cuz Ollie rarely uses his two store-bought kitty beds and I've been trying to find ways to make them more appealing to him... well after trying things like catnip, treats, toys and things that smell like me on the beds, I came up with a semi-solution tonight... I've noticed lately that Oliver LOOOOVVEEESSS fleece fabric - whenever I get on the floor with my Penn State (fleece) blanket he runs over to get on any part of it that touches the floor. So I figure he really likes the feel of fleece (so I don't understand why he's not enjoying the lambswool of his snuggle ball)... well while I was at walmart tonight I bought a remnant of royal blue fleece and when I got home and set it down on the floor, Oliver laid right down!! After he got up, I moved the fleece to the snuggle ball and he plopped down in there for awhile as well!

So if you have store bought kitty beds that are going unused and can figure out what type(s) of fabric your kitties prefer, you may be able to (pretty cheaply) get your fur babies to finally use the fun beds you spend all that money on at the petstore or on ebay! (Why can't my cat be like the dog and sleep on whatever gets thrown in his designated sleeping spaces?! haha - oh well, I still love him!)
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Well done for getting Oliver to sleep on his bed!

I've noticed that Tibby and Molly love fleece too, but since I bought their radiator hammocks, there has been no arguments from them as to where they sleep - they love them!! Even Willow has discovered how lovely they are!!
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My kitties sleep in their bunk beds everynight....and I always throw clean hand towels over their little quilts (partly to protect the quilts from being kneeded and snagged...and partly because I figure the towels are warmer than the cotton quilts) Now I know something I can make them for Christmas....I bet they`d love fleece!
Also....is you kitty bed on the floor? If you can get it up off the floor, even a few inches, it might make a difference in whether Ollie wants to use it on a regular basis or not....worth a try anyhow. (That or maybe you can talk Mike Anderson into selling you his heated Galofie-bed cheap....since his Sofie-Galofie likes the box it came in better!)
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I've thought about getting the bed up off the floor, but the only place I could do that in this small studio apartment would be the kitchen table... he has no problem curling up in my bean bag chair that's on the floor every day, haha.... he sleeps in bed with me at night but everywhere else when he naps all day...if you've got a fleece blanket, throw it down a few times and see if your kitties enjoy!!
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Would the bed fit on a kitchen chair?
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Haha, unfortunately no... I had to get one of the bigger sizes as Oliver is 14pounds - and not overweight, just big framed! I do have soft kitchen chairs (they look a little like computer chairs, but meant for the kitchen) and he frequents them occasionally... I don't have much open floor space left or I'd build like a mini table to put the bed up on, but where the bed is now is right in front of a dresser and that's like the last place left where it can go, haha
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