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As far as color's go I love grey or grey/white cats. All of mine have been that coloring...As far as breeds I like Russian Blue's and Ragdolls.

However, I generally just like cats and am not above loving whatever you put in front of me.
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Gee, this is one of those questions that you can ask a million people and get a million different answers!

I LOVE strays because they have PERSONALITY.

As far a color goes, I like:

orange tabby
all white
black and white

ETA: I want to add ALL BLACK to color, I have changed my mind since joining TCS. I now like all black cats!

OOPS, I was supposed to pick only one color, SORRY, I CAN'T!!
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I'd have to say black and white tuxies but I'm bias because that's what Popsie is
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Oh wow - I can't just pick one so....................

Favorite Breed: (in no particular order )

Ocicat, Cornish Rex, Oriental SH

Favoriate Colors (no order)

Red Tabbies/White, Calico, Chocolate, Silver
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All-black shorthairs!
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Hahaha, GoldenKitty and I have some similar tastes!

I love Ocicats, Egyptian Maus, Cornish Rex, Siamese, Tonkinese, Somalis, and...American Shorthairs. <3

I love smoke Maus, chocolate-, lavender-, and cinnimon-spotted Ocis, champange-mink Tonks, lilac-point Meezers, and ruddy Somalis. =3
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Favorite "breed" is of course the mixed breeds.

Favorite colors are red/white tabbies, and solid black or black and white.
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White odd-eyed Turkish Angoras like my little Isabella. They are soo gorgeous and elegant.
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My favorite color is black kitties. Pure black with shiney coats. Favorite breed is Oriental Shorthairs. I love em and having these OS mixes as fosters is killing me. I really want to adopt Jersey but I know I shouldnt because he will be adopted in a heart beat.
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i love all kitties and don't really have a fav .... Indie is looking at me all offended so ill have to amend that ... Tuxedo and black kitties, he still looks hurt - treaty time i think
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I love all breeds of cats, including mixes, but my fav. breed would have to be the Turkish Angora. And as for my favorite coat color... I can't decide!
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I love all cats, of course. They are all beautiful deserving creatures.
If I had to pick a purebred, though, it would be a Siamese. My two converted me. I'm partial to all the point colors, especially lilac, blue, and seal.
I love the way torties look as well. And snowshoes!
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